PaX mums in garden
Say Hello to the Irresistible Charm of the PaX Mum Series Having outdoor spaces filled with these cool fast-growing chrysanthemums is always a good idea!
Rose Red Naomi Barbie design
A Love Affair With Red Naomi Roses Red Naomi Roses are iconic, which inspired me to create designs that show the beauty of this symbol of a perfect red rose.
Aug 30 | 3 min read
Josefien Goethals
The Traits of Lilies Stimulate Our Senses and Imagination I combine both in this blog and in the designs I created in my ode to this elusive flower.
Aug 02 | 4 min read
Why I Organize Floral Coaching Series Many colleagues miss their goal and their mindset is often outdated, that is why I do my floral coaching series.
The Flower Girl Josefien Goethals Telling stories through flowers
Jan 06 | 4 min read
Think in Fifty Shades of Green Scorched Earth calls for me to think 'green'.

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