Pina Colada Inspiration is Just Everywhere

A chrysanthemum that stands out from the crowd

By: THURSD. | 11-11-2020 | 3 min read

This remarkable brand from Dümmen Orange that currently consists of three different colors – white, yellow, and cream – with more colors to come, has everything it takes to be a winner. Although you might have heard the name before, today we’re showing you around the best places on the web to get your creativity boost and soak up some Pina Colada inspiration.

Below a selection of interesting content on the internet about Pina Colada Chrysants

We start with the website of Dümmen Orange, this is the creator of the variety. Dümmen Orange provides the largest selection of flowers and plants on earth. They do this by uniting the world’s top breeders under one distinctive name. Also well known for the Avalanche+ roses, and many other flowers and plants, the Pina Colada variety is one of their top products. For a more in-depth article, head over to "Pina Colada: an exceptional spray chrysanthemum" on their website.

Pina Colada Inspiration is Just Everywhere Dümmen Orange Exceptional Pina Colada chrysanthemums from Dümmen Orange

Remarkably steady, full-bodied, long-lasting, fresh, and reliable – Pina Colada has everything it takes to be a winner. Roy van Kester, Marketing Specialist Dümmen Orange:

“And that’s exactly what it is. The list of Pina Colada’s qualities just goes on and on. We spent the last three years perfecting this chrysanthemum and our hard work has paid off. The best chrysanthemums come from the Netherlands, after all. That’s no secret. And Pina Colada really stands out from the crowd.”

Make sure to also check out Dümmen Orange's cut mums catalog for 2020-2021:

Pina Colada Inspiration is Just Everywhere cut mums catalog
Click the image to open the catalog


Pina Colada Facebook page

A great place to soak up some of that fresh Pina Colada inspiration is the Pina Colada Chrysanthemum Facebook page that is fully dedicated to this power brand in Dümmen Orange's collection. Statement pieces, beautiful bouquets, and floral dye chrysanths; they've got it all.

Pina Colada Inspiration is Just Everywhere floral dye
Somewhere over the 🌈 rainbow… Pina Colada shines! Did you know this Chrysanthemum has epic talent to take on floral dye and turn it into something magical? Subtle or slamming, the effect is always exciting, as shown here by @itstime2dye ❤️🧡💗💙💜!
Pina Colada Inspiration is Just Everywhere bouquet
The big bouquet trend is SO now! Since many things are on hold, there's all the more reason to splurge on flowers. Pina Colada is an ideal Chrysanthemum for epic designs like this one by @flowerexperience. Lots of volume, more blooms per spray and let's face it: sometimes more IS more 🙃💚🤍!

Pina Colada YouTube channel

If you haven't seen it yet already, you really need to browse around Pina Colada Chrysanthemum's YouTube channel where you will find gems like the one below.

"Strong. Full. Durable. Discover the Pina Colada by Dümmen Orange. A power flower for every self-respecting florist and the toughest chrysanthemum on the market."


Pina Colada on Instagram

Probably one of the best places to find that much needed Pina Colada inspiration is Instagram. Don't skip the official Pina Colada chrysanthemum Instagram page but for a good dose of floral inspiration, #pinacoladapower is one of your best bets.


More about Pina Colada

Many Russian floral designers agree: the new Pina Colada is an excellent variety of chrysanthemums. The fine quality of the flower, the versatility of creative ideas that can be realized with it. They say it is convenient to work with Pina Colada, the customers like it, and it stays in a bouquet for a long time. In a word, subtle beauty in its most perfect execution. According to these Russian florists the Pina Colada Chrysanthemums are here to stay!




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