Svetlana Miryuk Chrysanthemum Pastela Rosé feature on Thursd
A Pastela Autumn Sunrise in Paris This wonderful new chrysanthemum reminds us of blush on the cheeks from gentle kisses.
Chrysanthemum Pastela design Elena Engelmann feature on Thursd
I Have Experienced the Power of Flowers My five Pastela Chrysanthemum designs show all elements of the Earth that make people change their mind, opinion, mood, thoughts, and attitude.
Harmony - the Four Pillars of Life by Zbigniew Dziwulski on Thursd - Featured
Harmony - The Four Pillars of Life It's not only work that's important, or only friends, or only family, or only money, or growth, or health, or love, it's a balance in all those that will make you happy.
Red Tacazzi+ Roses in a blog by Anna Lamot-Bach  - on Thursd
Choosing Red Taccazi+ Roses Symbolizes Your Self-Love and Confidence It doesn't mean you want all attention, it just means you want to be visible and adored.
May 25 | 2 min read
Rose Monte Carlo Is Making a Great New Start at Rosa Plaza feature - on Thursd
Rose Monte Carlo Is Making a Great New Start at Rosa Plaza This velvety red rose thrives at a high altitude in Ethiopia, growing a larger flower and fuller color than ever seen before.
May 04 | 5 min read
Laura Draghici's Lady or Alien With Red Tacazzi Roses -,On Thursd
Is She an Elegant Lady With Red Tacazzi+ Roses or an Alien? With many things going on in all our lives, we sometimes want to get away from it all, to another world, to prevent our head from exploding...
Apr 26 | 2 min read
Under the Spell of Chrysanthemum Pastela Rosé feature - on Thursd
Under the Spell of Chrysanthemum Pastela Rosé "The luminous heart in the center of this pale pink flower allows me to play with the light in my designs, enchanting me with its luminous softness."
Welcome Easter With Snowstorm+ Roses - A Blog by Anna Lamot-Bach on Thursd
Welcome Easter - It Is Time to Celebrate a New Beginning With Snowstorm+ Roses "Every flower has its emotion, its story, its strength... to be able to use these Roses to Welcome Easter has a strong message to me."
Apr 11 | 2 min read
Rose Snowstorm Excels on Weddings feature - on Thursd
Rose Snowstorm+ Excels on Weddings "This Dümmen Orange rose is the ideal rose to work with when everything - location, dress, catering, and flowers - has to be at its very best."
Rose Red Tacazzi hotel bar feature - on Thursd
Rose Red Tacazzi+ Is Catching Eyes in This Hotel "From the moment you enter the Park Inn by Radisson reception, the warm color of the rose immediately draws your attention."
The Bouquet Girl by Laura Draghici feature - on Thursd
My Bouquet Girl Wears Snowstorm+ Roses These are my designs with brilliant white roses to wear anywhere, anytime.
Icicles Glittering at the Center of Culture in Lublin, Zbigniew Dziwulski's Installation Brings Past and Future Together Creating interior design with flowers adds value to a place and even more, it adds a bunch of emotions and tells its own story.
Jan 08 | 2 min read

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