The Name of the Rose is Avalanche+

Where does the name Avalanche come from? And what about the plus?

By: THURSD. | 28-07-2022 | 2 min read

It was only in 2000 that the Rose Avalanche+ first became popular, yet it’s now hugely prevalent with high-end florists, wedding planners, and floral designers. So, where does it come from, why Avalanche, and why the + behind the name? It's time for a brief history.

The Origin of Rose Avalanche+

The birthplace of probably the most famous white rose worldwide is at Lex+. This breeder had developed the habit to add a + to all the names of its varieties. For Lex+ that plus stood for many things. For their strength in conceiving intelligent solutions when creating and marketing rose varieties.

The plus also represented their global ambitions, yet a promise to never lose sight of the people at the local level. Last, it was a sign of their pride in connecting high-tech and genetic programs with grassroots creativity and intuition. And, honestly, the + did make these roses easily identifiable.

From Lex+ to Dümmen Orange

Nowadays, the brand Rose Avalanche+ is owned by breeder Dümmen Orange. It was April 2015 when Dümmen Orange was founded when corporate brands Lex+, Bartels, Terra Nigra, Dümmen Group, Agribio China, Agribio Colombia, Oro, PLA, as well as their production locations changed their identities into one: Dümmen Orange.


Rose Avalanche+ wedding Venice on Thursd


The Queen of Roses

Avalanche+® has certainly earned its nickname The Queen of the Roses, being in a class of its own since day one. This modern classic has a large flower and fabulous presence and offers top quality all year round. It is no surprise that Avalanche+® regularly features at major occasions such as royal weddings and other top events.

Avalanche+® roses are famous for their luxurious personality which fits both romantic bridal work and modern boho arrangements. Mono or mixed, they always stand out thanks to the large bud that always fully opens. It is extraordinary how these roses bring glamour to every day, every bouquet, and every arrangement in their own exceptional and reliable way.

One of the many outstanding aspects of Avalanche+® is the consistent quality, which is guaranteed by a select team of top growers. It is one of the many reasons Avalanche+® has won so many awards. Anyone looking for class, style, and quality opts for the unique beauty of Avalanche+® roses, always.

Worldwide Available

Avalanche+ is one of the few roses that are available worldwide. They are easy to source from wholesalers and traders like Dutch quality exporter Anton Spaargaren. There is no reason to miss out.


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