10 of the Best and Most Popular Flower Shops in Madrid

The joy of walking in a florist and buying your favorite flowers is like no other. Get going and visit these!

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Best flower shops in Madrid

Madrid is a lovely city, it has everything, from great food to great walks and even adorable and beautiful flower shops to visit while you take a stroll around the city. With great locations, these flower shops display arrangements that are perfect to take home to decorate your spaces or give as a gift to your friends, partner, family, or even yourself. If you're in Madrid, here are ten flower shops you must see.

10 Popular Flower Shops Worth Visiting in Madrid

Is there something more welcoming than a flower shop? They are places with a particular smell, a decoration that, even if it is not thought out, always seduces us, and where the people who dedicate themselves to it are truly passionate about their work. Flower shops are enchanting, they have a way of conquering peoples' eyes and hearts. Madrid, particularly, has become a city that is getting filled with flowers on every corner. Here's a list of ten flower shops that besides being beautiful, have become popular among visitors walking around the streets of this charming city.

1. El Florista

El Florista occupies the space of an old pharmacy in the city, converted first into a comic book store and finally into a flower shop. It is located in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras, one of the most charismatic in the city due to its connection with the history of Madrid and with the literature of the Golden Age. The Barrio de las Letras is filled with color and freshness every time El Florista opens. Here you will find everything from fruit trees such as raspberries or figs, to the rarest species such as the South African protea.


El Florista flower shop in Madrid
Photo: @elfloristafloristeria


2. Margarita Se Llama Mi Amor

Named after one of the most famous songs of the sixties, this florist has brought the color of Tuscany to the heart of Madrid. Margarita Se Llama Mi Amor is a heart-filled project by Tina Rubio and one of the most popular and beautiful flower shops worth visiting in Madrid. She came into this world with a flower under her arm and is from a family that produces flowers and ornamental plants. She arrived from Almería more than 25 years ago with the desire to turn Madrid into the City of Flowers.


Flowers displayed at Margarita se llama mi amor
A wide range of flower varieties displayed at Margarita Se Llama Mi Amor
Photo: @margarita_miamor


After several years, she founded her flower shop and business, where she surrounded herself with a team of valuable florist artisans and together they created this wonderful flower shop. Since then they have not stopped working and enjoying every day to offer their clients one of the largest and most careful flower exhibitions that exists in the Capital. In Margarita Se Llama Mi Amor, you can find some of the most chic bouquets in the city, the most stylish pots, and some of the most special flowers, in addition to seasonal trees and fruit trees.

3. Be Water Flores

María, a person who loves nature, but by profession a psychologist, found her vocation as a florist. Be Water is her passion, what one day was just a wish is today her true profession. The Be Water Flores team specializes in events, but you can also order them that special bouquet of flowers to give as a gift. In addition to fresh flowers, they also have an added value to their flowers, specializing in preserved flowers, gorgeous, long-lasting flowers that can last up to two years.


Types of flower arrangements by Be Water flower shop Madrid
Types of flower arrangements created by Be Water Flower Shop Madrid


4. Sally Hambleton

At Sally Hambleton Flower Shop, the team is composed of twelve people including senior florists. Just seeing the window of this beautiful flower shop is enough to make you want to enter.

It is of course named after its owner, Sally Lerma Hambleton, who at one point wanted to dedicate herself to her great passion: flowers. She has specialized in compositions that, without a doubt, you will find the most original ones in her store. This popular and incredibly lush flower shop in Madrid has the support of European florists to carry out every one of their events.

Although their office is located in Madrid, they are available to travel anywhere in the world to carry out your wedding or event.


Sally Hambletons three generations working at the flower shop
On the right, Sally Hambleton, owner of her flower shop in Madrid, accompanied by her mother and daughter
Photo: @sallyhambleton


5. Columelas Flower Shop

Interior decoration, floral landscaping, terrace, garden design, and more... Columelas Flower Shop is one of those must-visit places if you want to decorate an event or simply get a spectacular bouquet or floral decoration. In addition, it also has dried and preserved flowers and pots. This flower shop is an extension of the creators of Margarita Se Llama Mi Amor.


Columelas flower shop in Madrid
Columelas by Margarita se llama mi amor. Photo: @columelasflores


6. Botanyco

Flowers are perfect for moments when you need to give a memorable gift, such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, births, condolences, celebrations, or to show gratitude with a beautiful gesture. At Botanyco, they have a team of expert florists who work with the highest quality flowers to create unforgettable compositions and centerpieces. The team is confident that you will find the design you are looking for in their store, and if not, they will create it especially for you.


Botanyco flower shop Madrid
Botanyico. Photo: Botanyco


With a vintage feel, it is one of the most beautiful florists in the entire Chamberi neighborhood. In addition to selling plants, they create bouquets of all kinds, although those with preserved flowers attract special attention from visitors. Additionally, they have a workspace where they usually prepare different workshops for which you can sign up through their website.

7. MOSS Floristas

In the vibrant heart of Madrid, a floral haven was born in 2014: MOSS Floristas. María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate, the inspiring owner and Artistic Director of MOSS, brings not only an excellent education from the Spanish School of Floral Art but also an innate passion for flowers that has flourished since her childhood.


Moss Floristerias one of the most popular flower shops in Madrid
MOSS Floristas. Photo: MOSS Floristas


With a professional background in marketing in prestigious consumer, retail, and luxury multinational companies, María masterfully merges floral creativity with a unique sensitivity to convey projects and collaborate with major brands. Since then, MOSS Florists has become a distinctive signature, globally partnering with brands and individuals to design floral installations with a unique touch.

8. Savia Bruta 

The founder behind Savia Bruta believes that nature offers an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. Their goal has always been to create floral designs for luxury weddings and events and work to convey their passion for the natural world through floral designs.


Savia Bruta flower design and shop
Savia Bruta. Photo: @saviabrutaflor


As floral designers, the team is aware of the privilege of being able to create with their own hands and develop floral design projects for weddings and luxury events from start to finish. From the first mood board to that magical moment when the guests begin to arrive, Savia Bruta strives to continuously exceed its client's expectations with our attention to detail and global vision. Located strategically, they can easily travel throughout Spain, Greece, Italy, and France, and wherever your destination wedding or event takes them.

9. Fransen et Lafite

Fransen et Lafite is an eye-catching flower shop located in downtown Madrid. Their goal is to offer every person who walks into their shop, the best floral experience to remember. Their unique blend of Dutch, Spanish, and French influences creates the perfect chemistry for experiencing something truly special through each of their floral varieties and products. Their stunning compositions of colorful fresh flowers combined with delightful aromas will let you know that you have chosen the right place.


Fransen Et Lafite flower and plant shop in Madrid
Fransen et Lafite is a popular plant and flower shop in Madrid
Photo: @fransen_el_lafite


10. Brumalis Flower Shop

Owner of Brumalis, Mariluz Peñalver has come to work with some of the biggest brands in Madrid, providing them with spectacular floral designs and services. For the past ten years, Mariluz has been at the helm of Brumalis, a project crafted with enthusiasm, passion, and plenty of flowers.

The main Brumalis store, located at 10 Conde de Aranda Street in Madrid, is known for designing floral arrangements of all kinds and for every occasion. From flowers for the home or as gifts to interior and exterior decorations for weddings and large-scale events. Currently, Brumalis has two new spaces, one at El Corte Inglés (47 Serrano Street, S1) and a modern pop-up featuring preserved flowers and decorations at WOW! Concept (18 Gran Vía Street).


Brumalis flower shop Madrid
Brumalis. Photo: @brumalis


What other flower shops have stolen your heart in Madrid? The most exciting thing to see is how flowers are growing and taking over every city and corner of the world like in NYC and Paris as well! Feeling like checking out what flower shop you could visit on your next trip to NYC? And what about in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris?



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