Prize-Winning Aroma Peach Begonia From the I'CONIA Series

Dümmen Orange puts scent back on the agenda

By: THURSD. | 02-07-2021 | 2 min read
Indoor Plants
Dümmen Orange’s Aroma Peach begonia from the I'CONIA series has won the coveted FleuroStar Award 2021/22. The FleuroStar competition is held annually during the FlowerTrials week in the Netherlands and Germany. The nominated novelties in pot and bedding plants are assessed by breeders, growers, marketers, traders, and journalists on commercial value and the wow factor at point-of-sale.

Dümmen Orange’s Aroma Peach Begonia from the I'CONIA series

The fragrant begonia stole the heart of the jury. "I'CONIA Aroma Peach displays a true abundance of double, bi-colored flowers, which are so elegant and charming! The excellent plant habit and subtle fragrance turn this Begonia into an outstanding eye-catcher for any terrace or garden," said the jury. Prize-Winning Aroma Peach Begonia From the I'CONIA Series Noëlia Mansilla, President EMEA of Dümmen Orange:
“This is such great news! I would like to congratulate everyone in the Dümmen Orange team on this fantastic achievement. We are very proud to take home again the FleuroStar Award and we thank the jury for the recognition of this beautiful and high-quality begonia among very strong competition.”

A Continuous Flowering Plant With a Subtle Peach Aroma

The luxurious, double flowers of the I'CONIA Aroma Peach begonia - sold in North America as the I’CONIA Scentiment Peachy Keen - have a soft peach color and contrast beautifully with the dark leaves. Outdoors in the garden, the plant has a subtle peach aroma. The continuous flowering makes the plants ideal for planters and beautiful hanging pots.

Scented Flowers Are Back on the Agenda

Over the years breeding has often excluded fragrance in favor of other traits, but this new hybrid begonia has brought aroma back on the agenda. Of course, the breeder has not overlooked beauty. These luxurious double flowers in plush peach have a strong garden performance and are non-stop flowering for gorgeous planters and beautiful baskets. Prize-Winning Aroma Peach Begonia From the I'CONIA Series FleuroStar 2021 The I'CONIA series from Dümmen Orange continues to portray the pinnacle of modern Begonias with shade to part-sun tolerance, excellent retail flower-power, and noted consumer performance. Prize-Winning Aroma Peach Begonia From the I'CONIA Series FlowerTrials Dummen Orange

Winner Chosen by More Than 30 Experts From the Floriculture Sector

In total, more than 30 professionals in breeding, production, trade, and retail assessed this year’s FleuroStar entries for attractiveness and commercial potential. The I'CONIA Aroma Peach receives significant marketing support to make its go-to-market strategy a success. FleuroStar Award organizer Fleuroselect runs a promotional campaign with international trade and social media and promotes the new winner at trade shows and industry events.



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