This Is the Red & White Alstroemeria Season

Christmas is a wonderful time for these popular alstros in seasonal hues.

By: THURSD. | 07-12-2022 | 2 min read
Christmas Designs
Red and White Alstroemeria for Christmas header on Thursd

We are approaching the end of the year, and that means shorter days, holidays, and time with the family. The main flower hues coming to mind at this time of the year are white and red. In both these colors, Könst Alstroemeria has a wonderful and wide range of alstroemeria varieties each with its own advantages.

White Alstroemeria for Christmas

In the white range, you can go for the brand-new Alstroemeria White Focus. This is a very clear white flower with soft green accents. Alstroemeria Prestige is a very high-producing variety.



Alstroemeria Bianca has high-quality stems and a compact build crown. Alstroemeria Himalaya is already a well-known variety in established markets with its huge flowers and intense striping.



No worries about the white alstros anymore. Let's go and check out the red tones.

Red Alstroemeria for Christmas

In red, there is the newcomer Alstroemeria Ferrero which is promising to be stable in the Könst Alstroemeria assortment. The deep red of Ferrero makes it perfect for the ambiance of the shorter days of Christmas. Romance is an alstro variety that is known for its stem quality and many flowers per stem.



Alstroemeria Bahia is this breeder's top producer in red, surpassing any of the other varieties in their trials. Merlot is a variety that is a bit softer in color and crop but is a stable producer of high-quality stems.



A White & Red Alstro X-Mas

Get yourself a Merry Alstro Christmas this year. Skip the cliché and go for a mono or dual-colored arrangement in white and/or red tones. Combine it with typical Christmas greens like holly, kiefer, or nobilis. You will get that warm seasonal feeling instantly. That's a promise.


Könst Alstroemeria Romance 2022 Banner on Thursd


Go See for Yourself

The end of a year also means the fresh start of a new one. In 2023 Könst Alstroemeria will hit the ground running with first its Open Days at United Selections in Kenya. From the 11th to the 13th of January Könst will showcase its assortment at the showroom of United Selections. Interested parties are welcome to visit this location to see the flowers in person.

At the end of January, Könst Alstroemeria will showcase its assortment at the IPM Essen, in Germany. This international trade fair for plants and flowers is held from the 24th to the 27th of January 2023. At this show, this breeder will put more focus on its alstroemeria garden plants of 'The Inca Collection®' and several pot calla varieties. Here you will also find the new pot roses from marketing partner United Selections.


Contact for Open Days Nakuru: Edwin Kirwa at United Selections ([email protected]). Contact for IPM Essen: Könst Alstroemeria ([email protected]).


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