Reversible Vases Inspired by Bamboo Stems

Anna Perugini's colorful vases can be flipped over for a different display

By: THURSD. | 28-04-2021 | 2 min read
Inspired by Japanese bamboo, Anna Perugini created a glass vase collection using the traditional lampworking technique. The colorful set consists of four vases of different heights and sizes that can be overturned and used at both ends depending on the needs.

Glass Vases That Can Be Filled at Both Ends

Group the vases of this bamboo-inspired collection for a colorful and playful display, or use them individually with a changing styling of flowers or plants at one of the useable sides of the vase. Anna envisioned the vases to create different arrangements according to everyone's taste. Anna Perugini- Reversible Vases Inspired by Bamboo Stems - StudioInternazionale - group of three glass vases - on thursd The collection takes reference from the jointed stems of Asian bamboo trees. While traveling through Japan, Perugini found inspiration for the vases in a local bamboo grove. Anna reflects the role of design in everyday life and translated her impressed sighting of the high bamboo trees in her new glassworks collection for Ichendorf. [video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video] With two sections in each vase, they can hold flowers or small plants. One section is shallower than the other and can be filled with flowers, greens, or candles of your liking.

About Anna Perugini

Anna is an Italian designer that launched her multidisciplinary studio in 2017. In her studio, she works on self-initiated projects and external consultancies. Anna’s design practice reflects on the role of design in everyday lives. She is curious about social behaviors and people’s habits, in which she finds insights that drive her design choices. Anna’s projects often involve material investigation and collaboration with artisans and material experts. Her works have been exhibited in London, Berlin, Venice, Paris, and Milan. In 2008 she won The AHRC Scholarship to study for a Master in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins. After graduating in 2010, she worked for various design studios in London.
Anna-Perugini- Reversible Vases Inspired by Bamboo Stems - StudioInternazionale - entire glass vases collection - on thursd
Image courtesy for all images: Studio Internazionale



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