Do You Need Plants in Your Dorm?

Explore the benefits of having plants in your dorm room for a healthier, happier space.

By: THURSD | 27-05-2024 | 6 min read
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Plants in Your Dorm

When discussing a dormitory space, everyone thinks of a building divided into rooms with beds and tables where students spend their weekends doing endless homework, a shared shower and kitchen, noisy neighbors, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life for students. But even such an environment can be cozy. And we aren’t discussing designer renovations, paintings, and fluffy rugs. We're talking about plants. This diminutive element can transform a room, making it comfortable and cozy. We'll tell you why you require plants in your dorm and what options work best.


Aloe Vera plant in home garden
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Top Reasons Why You Need Plants in Your Dorm

What Plants are Best for a Dorm?

If you think that plants are complex, that you need to care for them and water them constantly, and that all this takes a lot of time, you are entirely mistaken. Yes, some plants require careful care. But now we’ll talk about plants that are ideal for a dorm. They are easy to care for, can become excellent room decorations, and delight you with their appearance.

Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Pothos is a reasonably unpretentious plant. It needs only one or two watering a week. It grows well in the sun and shade. Pothos has beautiful green leaves with patterns.

Before purchasing Devil's Ivy, you should know it has toxic leaves. And if you have animals in your dorm, you should choose another option. Or place the pot out of the animal’s reach.

You should also know that pothos is easy to propagate. You must place the plant leaf in a water container and wait for the roots to grow. After this, you can safely plant it in a pot of soil. Devil's Ivy doesn’t require special feeding, which makes it an ideal option for inexperienced owners.


Pothos for indoor plants
Picture by @Ja Kubislav


Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant often used in cosmetology. It is a perennial bush with huge, succulent leaves. It doesn’t require frequent watering and prefers bright places that aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

This plant will need a little attention from you. Aloe vera should be watered when the soil in the pot is dry, but it is essential not to let it dry out. It requires little water, so you can confidently choose this plant for your dorm.


If your mom is into houseplants, you've seen vast green bushes. This is philodendron. This relatively unpretentious plant is ideal for a dorm room.

Watering your philodendron once a week will be sufficient. If you have a dry room, and in the summer, watering should be increased up to two times. It grows best in dark places. With regular care, philodendron grows to enormous sizes, and you can create your jungle. At the same time, it reproduces in the same way as pothos. You need to put the leaf in water and, after the roots appear, plant it in a pot.

Philodendrons don’t require special care or frequent watering. It is an excellent option for those who want to add greenery to their room and not bother with unnecessary worries.


Don't be afraid of exotic plants. Bamboo is a great addition to your dorm design. You can choose straight plants or twisted ones. You can also select several stems and intertwine them together.

What you need to know about bamboo is that this plant loves moisture much. Therefore, the soil should not be allowed to dry out. You can grow bamboo simply in water, creating an original composition indoors.


small Bamboo platn for sale
Picture by @Toni Cuenca



Succulents can come in all shapes and sizes. These are unpretentious plants that require minimal watering.  It is also worth noting that they grow well both in the shade and bright sunlight.

The compactness of succulents allows you to place them anywhere. They are unpretentious to the soil and don’t require specific care or fertilizers, making them ideal for constantly busy students who may need to remember about plants.


Cacti are familiar to everyone because they are unpretentious. They don’t need to be watered often, and they grow anywhere: in the shade or in the sun. These plants adapt well to any conditions, which is ideal for the dorm.

There is a vast selection of cacti. You can choose a compact plant with fuzz-like needles or a considerable cactus that will add a desert element to the room. There are flowering cacti, species that are growing. All this allows you to create incredible compositions in your dorm.


Plants are more than decoration. They create comfort and coziness in the dorm, and caring for them can be a meditative experience. In addition, green plants positively affect the atmosphere in the room and help concentrate. By choosing low-maintenance options like aloe vera, pothos, philodendron, or succulents, you can improve the air quality in your dorm and create a stylish interior. Just buy your first cactus. And you will see for yourself that plants are more than just decorations.



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