Royal Van Zanten Has the Perfect Halloween Pot Mums

Trick or treat? We'll take a lovely orange treat for Halloween season, plus a great way of adding bright colors to outdoor spaces.

By: THURSD. | 19-10-2022 | 3 min read
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Halloween Pot Mums

Halloween is almost upon us and that means it’s time to start crafting your Halloween gardens with the best, and most spectacular option: pot mums. There's no way of comparing the color, beauty, and volume that Royal Van Zanten's plants bring to any garden.

Halloween With Mums

There's a way to fill up your garden with Halloween flower goodies, and it all starts by adding mums to your outdoor spaces. Curious about what the result would look like? We've got you. Imagine a garden full of bright yellow and orange tones, with striking opening blooms making you happy just with their presence.


Orange chrysanthemums by Royal Van Zanten on Thursd


That's the flower power of pot mums. Although these colors make the best floral garden decor any time of the year, now that Halloween is right around the corner, they stand out even more. Make the most out of your spooky garden with chrysanths!

HPot Mums to Embellish Your Spooky Garden

While Halloween to most people is all about trick or treating, parties, and copious amounts of candy, some have another reason to be celebrating Halloween: gorgeous-colored plants to make their garden the most beautiful, especially for a haunting holiday like this one. If your garden is already looking spooky, you can certainly balance that aspect with a full dose of yellow and orange beauties.


Mix orange chrysanthemums on Thursd


Some of Royal Van Zanten’s Favorites

These might be some of your favorite mums for an incredible Halloween celebration!

1. Chrysanthemum Ciao Splendid

Chrysanthemum Ciao Splendid is a multi-colored pot mum with a deep orange color in the center, working its way towards salient yellow petals.


Ciao Splendid chrysanthemum by Royal Van Zanten on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Ciao Splendid


2. Milkshake Papaya

Milkshake™ Papaya is an orange-brown variety in the Multiflora Milkshake series of garden mums. It is a blooming garden plant that has bold colors, compact shapes, and steady growth, and together they form a true garden mum family.


Royal Van Zanten Milkshake Papaya on Thursd
Milkshake™ Papaya


3. Chrysanthemum Embera

Featuring unusual pointy-shaped petals, the different tones of yellow in the Embera pot mum create a harmonious color combo for a great holiday celebration, as well as to place them inside your home or make them part of your patio.


Royal Van Zanten Embera on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Embera 


4. Chrysanthemum Amadore Orange

Working perfectly as an indoor and outdoor garden mum, the dark orange color in this Chrysanthemum Amadore Orange will definitely make any Halloween decoration stand out.


Royal Van Zanten Amadore Orange on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Amadore Orange


The Perfect Chrysanthemum Color Match

Yellow and orange are two colors that go amazingly well together and these mums can clearly prove it. Adding an extra fun feature, aka a bright orange pumpkin, these beauties will look good anywhere, anytime when they're placed in outdoor spaces.


Halloween decor using Royal Van Zanten chrysanthemums on Thursd


Most people say their favorite moment during the autumn and Halloween season is experiencing the magic visualization of bright colors and definitely, their saying is right. What is your favorite chrysanthemum color? We can't take a pick! Royal Van Zanten has definitely made a statement with their Halloween pot mums.

Why Choose These Outdoor Pot Mums?

You'll benefit from the lovely company and amazing shelf-life of these spectacular chrysanthemums. Royal Van Zanten is the leading breeder of a wide, colorful range of pot chrysanthemum plants for patios, balconies, and outdoor home spaces.


Royal Van Zanten bright orange pot mums on Thursd


Their breeders work on the development of innovative varieties of the highest quality and with reliable growth, for long-lasting and colorful enjoyment. Now for Halloween, their yellow and orange mums are more than ready to decorate your favorite outdoor spots. Ready for some Halloween mum fun?

More About Breeder Royal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is an innovative company with a wide and attractive range of source materials. New types and varieties are developed and crops are improved. Royal Van Zanten strongly focuses on the market and has customers all over the world. The company provides its customers with added value through specific sales concepts in order to increase the demand for the product.



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