Shannon Clegg Creates Vessel Moldings Using Dried Flowers

Meet the talented mastermind behind the incredible works of art you're about to see.

By: THURSD. | 04-08-2022 | 3 min read
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The possibility of creating with flowers and giving them a second chance to be used for creative purposes is infinite and Shannon Clegg can confirm it. Her imagination has soared through the skies and she's the mastermind behind the incredible sculptural vessel moldings you're about to see, using only dried and pressed flowers.

Dried and Pressed Flowers Are Molded Into Sculptural Vessels

Never-before-seen sculptural vessels created out of dried and pressed flowers by Shannon Clegg are what's trending at the moment. If you haven't yet seen these works of art that look almost surreal, you're missing out on floral art big time. Her sculptural vessel designs using dried and pressed flowers are works of art full of creativity and inspiration. If you want to know where her inspo comes from, make sure to keep reading to be completely amazed.


Sculptural vessels dried flowers Shannon Clegg on Thursd
Various vessels with anigozanthos and statice


What Inspires Her to Create Sculptural Vessels Made Out of Dried Flowers?

Shannon can clearly remember up to this day the beauty embodied in her head as she remembers the charming, yet magical flora of beautiful Cape Town’s Table Mountain. Even as a child, South African flower artist Shannon Clegg has always had an affinity for unembellished, humble materials, particularly those harvested naturally and intrinsically found in her environment. It is through nature's forms and flowers that she gets her undivided inspiration to create sculptural vessel moldings using dried and pressed flowers.


Shannon Clegg dried cape greens vessel on Thursd
Cape greens vessel


Bouquet- The Name of Her Biophilic Series

Shannon's passion to create sculptural vessels using dried flowers emerges in her series of biophilic sculptures comprised of dozens of beautiful dried flowers pressed directly into a base of mesh. "Bouquet" features hollow and vase-like shapes while exploring different colors of kangaroo paws (anigozanthos) that can last up to five years:


Shannon Clegg biophilic experience quote on Thursd


This is the sign you've been waiting for to introduce sculptural vessels made of dried flowers because besides being incredibly stunning, they'll last for a very long time.


Shannon Clegg dried yellow anigozanthos vessel on Thursd
Yellow anigozanthos vessel


Shannon Clegg dried purple anigozanthos vessel on Thursd
Pink anigozanthos vessel


Hard Work Put Behind Every Single Flower Design

To create the dried flower sculptural vessels, Shannon Clegg was in charge of doing her own thorough research at the Herbarium at The Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, London UK. To get to where she is now with her unique dried flower designs took her a lot of dedication, time, and effort.


Shannon Clegg dried anigozanthos vessel inspiration on Thursd
Dried red anigozanthos


Shannon Clegg dried anigozanthos vessel on Thursd
Detail of the orange anigozanthos vessel


She describes looking back through archival methods for storing flowers pressed by botanists around the world and the types of equipment they use to collect and press flowers. Nowadays, her artworks are a pure success.

More About Shannon Clegg

Shannon Clegg is a South African-born designer and part-time educator whose works of art emphasize and adopts the principles of biophilic design. It is through each and every design that she aims to create a deep connection between us and nature for well-being purposes because as you may have already heard, having the presence of flowers around you can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health.


Shannon Clegg floral artist on Thursd
Shannon Clegg


Through the implementation of her very talented crafting skills, her practice investigates the potential of nurturing once again, the relationship between humans and nature. Clegg currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom, creating and innovating for dried flower lovers. If you want to see more of her sculptural vessel moldings using dried and pressed flowers, make sure to visit her website or Instagram account.


All photos by Shannon Clegg



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