Spring at Coachella and Floral Installations for Bad Bunny's Adidas Experience

People are still thinking about this showstopping floral installation from Coachella 2023 which boasted 50,000 live florals.

By: THURSD. | 27-03-2024 | 2 min read
Flowers present in major Adidas events

During last year’s Coachella, Adidas and Bad Bunny transformed the desert into spring to celebrate the release of the Adidas x Bad Bunny Campus Wild Moss and people were absolutely frantic and excited for both the collaboration, the excitement to see the singer in 2023, and to be a part of the most incredible floral installations which allowed to snap the most awesome pictures of this experience. What will Coachella 2024 bring? For now, let yourself experience how flowers and plants took over the renowned brands' installations.

Adidas - Constantly Creating Installations With Plants and Flowers to Make People Happy in Any Event

During the very popular and demanded Coachella festival that took place in 2023, Adidas was in charge of creating an out-of-the-ordinary installation for every guest to enjoy not only the musical experience but the overall sensorial experience of food, ambiance, and the impact of flowers and plants on the joy of attendees. The immersive pop-up in 2023 was brought to life with a stunning floor-to-ceiling floral installation, constructed with 50,000 flowers and 60 different varieties, including imported Spanish moss and 70-year-old Japanese Bonsai trees.


Adidas campus collab at Coachella


The room's moss-covered ceiling and walls served as the setting for an exotic flower chandelier, which was inspired by Bad Bunny's most recent interpretation of the famous Adidas Campus. The walls of the Coachella pop-up showcased the Adidas Originals and Bad Bunny logos, both of which were crafted from live flowers. The installation was made feasible by a vertical trellis system that held the live plants and provided irrigation through an integrated system.


Floral installation for Coachella Adidas


Happy attendee at Adidas shoe launch


A Space That Was Designed to Show Support While Immersing in a World of Plants and Flowers

A flower truck with a Bad Bunny theme was driven around Indio, California, on Thursday before the festival. Fans who located the truck were given a flower with a QR code attached, which they could use to buy one of 50 pairs of the newest colorway of the dusty green 'Wild Moss' Adidas x Bad Bunny Campus sneakers that were released early.


Cube installation with plants and flowers for Adidas


In charge of creating the outstanding green installations for Adidas was Vertical Garden Supply. The Coachella audience, their customers, and everyone else who saw their most astounding Varden vertical garden creation were all happy. A great appreciation was expressed to Elevation Living Walls, their distributor in California, for overseeing the process of design and installation. To complete this project in time for the show's opening, Elevation collaborated with numerous other trades in a hectic work atmosphere.


Floral installations at night for Adidas


You can learn a lot about the 'Adidas Flower Cube' to give you an idea of how incredible this area was to see in person.


Photos by @adidas


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