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By: MYTHURSD. | 13-03-2024 | 3 min read
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Alstroemeria Fashionista®

What is your go-to-market strategy as a breeder, grower, or trader in general? The ultimate goal for any go-to-market strategy is to create much-needed awareness for the right people and in collaboration with the right players within the floral supply chain.

The making of Fashionista® was intriguing and also inspiring to you as a prospect of myThursd, through an intentional team effort and collaboration, this project became a great success.

Fashionista®'s project on myThursd was a joint effort or initiative from the grower's marketing partner (Decofresh Roses) the grower (Black Tulip-Batian) and the breeder (HilverdaFlorist). Since myThursd is a people-driven software, the platform was ideal for this project and we stepped in to help the three partners in connecting them to the right floral creatives to collaborate with. Here is a glimpse of how everything unfolded and an update on Fashionista®'s projects.


Fashionista at Meester in Bloemen and Flowers Love Me
Floral Influencer Peter van Delft visited many floral designers in Amsterdam



Where It Started, Decofresh Roses and Black Tulip-Batian Flowers

Fashionistas® came to be, when Black Tulip Flowers, Batian farm sent a few boxes of Fashionista® to Decofresh Roses, purely for testing and market introduction. Decofresh Roses reaches out to myThursd to brainstorm on how to create the perfect project, to attract influential florists across Europe willing to work with and showcase Fashionista® on short notice.


Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink
Alstroemeria Fashionista® Pink


The work began and two projects of Fashionista® were published on myThursd and subsequently included in the newsletter targeting only floral creatives registered on myThursd already. The response was overwhelming, reviewing pitches and shortlisting of floral creatives to experience this beautiful novelty for the first time. Peter van Delft, started dispatching flowers to different florists, from Amsterdam to France, and deliveries are still ongoing given that there were a lot of designers interested in designing and promoting this flower.

HilverdaFlorist Hops on Board

Being the breeder of Fashionista®, it was an easy decision for HilverdaFlorist to join forces with the grower and Decofresh Roses to reinforce their efforts in the market introduction and consistent promotion of the variety. Early this week, HilverdaFlorist published their project on myThursd, dubbed Fashionista® pink promotion and it is available for pitching.


Fashionista HilverdaFlorist Project on myThursd
Fashionista HilverdaFlorist Project on myThursd


If you are a floral designer keen on working with this variety, review Fashionista®'sproject and submit your pitch for consideration. The two initial projects have generated immense buzz around the product but HilverdaFlorist's project is set to take it a notch-higher. Wait for more updates regarding this project, upon its completion.

myThursd, Your Floral Meet-Up Spot

The platform operates from the mindset of helping you in the most efficient way possible. Through channeling you to the right designers, controlling the flow and quality of the results submitted from floral creatives. The platform offers an incredible opportunity to connect, collaborate, and thrive in the floral industry.


Fashionista Alstroemeria
Picture by La Plazoleta


Whether you want to do a market introduction, create brand or product awareness, or work with high-end and highly-rated designers and influencers, everything and anything is possible with myThursd. You should try it out, join myThursd today to gain free access until your first project is completed.

The platform is dedicated to helping you, so do not hesitate to mention what you want to achieve for you to receive tailored help and attention.


Pictures by @Flowerswithflair.


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