myThursd Alstroemeria Fashionista Campaign in Amsterdam

Your Floral Meet-up Spot connects this exquisite new super alstroemeria with floral designers.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 06-03-2024 | 4 min read
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Alstroemeria Fashionista

In floriculture, standing out in a crowded market is both a challenge and an art. The introduction of the Alstroemeria Fashionista, a stunning floral variety, into the marketplace serves as a compelling case study on the power of strategic influencer marketing through the myThursd platform. This case not only sheds light on the efficacy of myThursd for breeders, growers, and flower traders but also highlights the transformative potential of influencer collaborations in driving demand and elevating product prices.

I had a busy week delivering Alstroemeria Fashionista flowers to florists in Amsterdam. Through myThursd, these floral designers had an exclusive opportunity to review and work with Fashionista, being the initial few designers chosen to sample the first flowers getting into the market. Check below how Peter's visit and interaction and also on his Instagram account.

The Alstroemeria Fashionista Phenomenon: A myThursd Success Story

The Alstroemeria Fashionista project on myThursd marked a significant milestone in the promotion of this exquisite flower. Offered as a project for influencers to pitch on, the initiative aimed to generate buzz and social conversation around the flower. The unique proposition of receiving the Fashionista to talk about it on social media platforms was not just an opportunity for influencers but a strategic move by the breeders and growers to capture the market's attention.


Alstroemeria Fashionista on myThursd
Alstroemeria Fashionista


The Power of myThursd: Connecting Creatives and Advertisers

myThursd stands as the ultimate hub for the floral industry, offering an unparalleled platform for breeders, growers, and traders to introduce their products to the market efficiently. The Alstroemeria Fashionista project exemplifies how leveraging myThursd can significantly amplify product visibility and demand. By connecting with the right influencers, breeders, and growers can ensure their flowers are not just seen but talked about and desired by a broader audience.


Alstroemeria Fashionista on myThursd

The platform's ease of use, coupled with its ability to match the perfect project with the right creative, makes it an indispensable tool for market introductions. The result? A more efficient way to generate buzz leads to increased demand and, subsequently, higher prices for the product. The Fashionista case underscores the importance of a targeted approach to marketing in the digital age, where visibility can make or break a product's success.

Influencer Marketing Is a B(l)ooming Strategy

In floriculture, where the beauty of the product speaks volumes, influencer marketing emerges as a natural ally. Influencers, with their dedicated followings and the ability to sway opinions, can transform a flower from a mere botanical specimen to a must-have item in floral arrangements and decorations. The Alstroemeria Fashionista project through myThursd is a testament to the strength of influencer marketing in creating a narrative around a product that resonates with consumers.


Alstroemeria Fashionista on myThursd

The collaboration between influencers and Hilverda Florist, the breeder of Alstroemeria Fashionista not only showcased the flower's stunning aesthetics but also its versatility and longevity, key attributes that appeal to flower enthusiasts and professionals alike. This strategic alignment between product attributes and influencer messaging helped in creating a compelling case for this alstroemeria, making it a sought-after variety among buyers and enthusiasts.

A Compelling Argument for Using myThursd

The success of the Alstroemeria Fashionista project through myThursd provides a compelling argument for both creatives and advertisers within the floral industry. For creatives, myThursd offers a platform to discover unique projects that resonate with their interests and expertise, enabling them to showcase their creativity while engaging with new and exciting products. For advertisers, the platform offers a streamlined and effective route to market introductions, connecting them with influencers who can elevate their products' visibility and desirability.


Alstroemeria Fashionista on myThursd


The efficiency of using myThursd for market introductions cannot be overstated. By facilitating direct connections between the floral industry's various stakeholders, the platform ensures that new varieties like Fashionista gain the attention they deserve. The resulting increase in demand not only benefits the breeders and growers in terms of higher prices but also enriches the market with unique and desirable floral options.

Unveiling Alstroemeria Fashionista

The Alstroemeria Fashionista project on myThursd stands as a shining example of how strategic influencer collaborations can revolutionize market introductions in the floral industry. The platform's ability to seamlessly connect advertisers with the right creatives has proven to be a game-changer, offering an efficient and effective way to generate demand and elevate product prices. As the floral industry continues to evolve, the role of platforms like myThursd in fostering innovation and collaboration will undoubtedly become increasingly significant, ensuring that beautiful creations like the Alstroemeria Fashionista find their rightful place in the spotlight.

I have visited some Amsterdam Florists, showing them the newly available Alstroemeria Fashionista that was delivered from Batian Flowers, a grower in Kenya to Decofresh Aalsmeer.


Alstroemeria Fashionista on myThursd


Explore the immense value and possibilities available for you as a breeder, grower, or trader on myThursd. Join myThursd today to kickstart your journey to connecting, collaborating, and thriving in your business.


Pictures by @Peter Van Delft.

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