The Story Behind Dmitry Turcan's 'Labyrinth of Wishes' With a Light Portal of 3,000 Craspedia Paintball™ Pop

With a huge assortment of flowers from Marginpar and many more, his team created real magic in the church at the 25th edition of Fleuramour.

By: THURSD. | 26-10-2022 | 4 min read
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A Light Portal With 3000 Craspedia by Dmitry Turcan on Thursd Header

The 'Labyrinth of Wishes' by Dmitry Turcan and his team at the 25th festival Fleuramour this year was real magic. Fleuramour is one of the biggest floral events in Europe every year held in the Belgian Castle of Alden Biesen and organized by Fleur Creatif. The installation was created in the church, which itself is a place where people come to speak to God, to ask Him for help coming true all wishes no matter which kind of wishes they are.

Dmitry's installation was a labyrinth of flowers in the whole space of the church; it was not just rows of 25,000 flowers on the floor, it was a space of miracles with light and sound all around and the flowers were nearly 2m high with a light portal of 3,000 Craspedia Paintball™ Pop from Marginpar in the middle.


Dmitry Turcan in his Light Portal of 3000 Craspedia on Thursd
Dmitry Turcan in his Light Portal of 3,000 Craspedias from Marginpar


Light Portal of 3,000 Craspedia Paintball™ Pop

The name of the installation is 'A Labyrinth of Wishes'. Each person that opens the door to the church is touching his heart and soul by asking themself:

"What is my dream? What is my goal? How to come into the light? And how to make all my wishes come true?"

Along the labyrinth on the floor were printed special words, that made a person deeply think about the wish.

✨Is this your real wish?
✨What is keeping you from getting it?
✨Imagine you have achieved it. What do you feel?
✨What inspires you on your way?
✨Is this the right way for you?
✨What circumstances prevent you from getting it?


Surrounded by the thousands of beautiful flowers, supplied especially for this installation from the best breeders, growers, and suppliers, a person had no other choice than to look deep inside oneself, to be honest with oneself.


Labyrinth of Wishes With Light Portal of 3000 Craspedia on Thursd


Soul Searching Between the Flowers

Each person went through the labyrinth looking down, reading and thinking, and watching his path of beauty. This walk can not bring you to anything ugly or negative. All the atmosphere involves you in an optimistic mood and makes you hope for the best. In the middle of the installation when you already got the sense and your mind is in a meditative state, you reached the high point of the installation, the focus zone, the most radiating place. You came into the light...



The Summit of This Huge Installation

The summit is the more than 3m high arch of 3,000 Craspedia Paintball™ Pop from Marginpar. Craspedia covers the arch from both sides making the 3D feeling. The stems are crossing each other like beams making the aureole, nimbus, and sunlight around the arch, as icons above the altar do. The force, light, and beauty of this craspedia light portal attract attention from the very beginning of the labyrinth, and it is like a sacred spiritual portal of light that pulls you into it, transforms you, and your energy, and brings you to the way to get your wish come true.


Go and Make All Your Wishes Come True

The unbelievable light and shape of the craspedia portal give you energy and a positive mood also after you go out of the labyrinth. All that's inside came to mind at the moment of going through the portal. And going back along the labyrinth among the beauty of all the flowers the craspedia arch makes you look back one more time, and get that strong feeling that you can achieve your wish and this light of heaven will help you on your way.


Labyrinth of Wishes in Church Alden Biesen by Dmitry Turcan on Thursd
Marginpar's Craspedia Paintball™ Pop, Eryngium Orion Questar®, and Supernova, Solidago Carzan Glory, Chasmantium Mantis, Daucus Carota, Clematis Amazing® Miami are used in this maze of flowers.


Jubilee Edition 25 in the Castle of Alden Biesen

Fleuramour was taking place for the 25th time. In Alden Biesen, Belgium, designers from all corners of the world came to do design to give visitors the most fantastic experience. The event hosts more than 200 floral artists from 20 countries. 

The theme of this edition was 'Magic'. Marginpar was one of the big sponsors for the design of Dmitry Turcan in the church with the shining craspedia and clematis, both gorgeous beauties, and with many more flowers from their farms. This floral event is held in the Castle of Alden Biesen, an 800-year-old impressive estate. With tower rooms and castle gardens, it's a get-away in itself. Flower lovers feast their eyes during this multi-day event. There is something to see in every corner, bridge, garden, room, and tower.


Dmitry Turcan With Long Clematis on Thursd
Dmitry Turcan With Beautiful Clematis Amazing® Miami From Marginpar


Marginpar Clematis Amazing Sevilla Banner on Thursd 2022-02



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