Love rocks featured
Yamile Bulos Creates Her Rocking Flower Installation at Fleuramour in Belgium Team work makes the dream work in this rocking themed event in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Floral Designs Flowers
Mar 16 | 5 min read
Bridal Bouquet in a Pendulous Sphere Form feature on Thursd
I Designed a Bridal Bouquet in a Pendulous Sphere Form This shape is not static yet full of life and energy. This may be exactly what you're looking for in a wedding arrangement.
A Light Portal of 3000 Craspedia of Marginpar by Dmitry Turcan Featured on Thursd
The Story Behind Dmitry Turcan's 'Labyrinth of Wishes' With a Light Portal of 3,000 Craspedia Paintball™ Pop With a huge assortment of flowers from Marginpar and many more, his team created real magic in the church at the 25th edition of Fleuramour.
Flower Hat Parade Fleuramour 2022 feature on Thursd
Wearing Your Own Flower Hat at Fleuramour I witnessed that I was far from the only one who played a role in this wonderful tradition at this event in Alden Biesen Castle.
Floral Events
Oct 10 | 3 min read
Esther van Wijngaarden Floral Dress on Fleuramour feature on Thursd
Creating a Floral Dress for a Fashion Show This is what I made for the catwalk at Fleuramour 2022, and how I created it with my signature look and feel.
Floral Designs
Oct 04 | 3 min read
Dare to Bloom Europe Will Bring Magic to Fleuramour feature on Thursd
Dare to Bloom Europe Will Bring Magic to the Fleuramour Event at Alden Biesen Castle in Belgium The theme for Lulu Rose's European Competition is "Magic - Let's Fly With Dare to Bloom."
Fleuramour - Crystal & Flowers in the Castle of Val Saint-Lambert - on Thursd
Fleuramour - Crystal & Flowers in the Castle of Val Saint-Lambert The Spring edition of the flower festival Fleuramour is new. And hopefully, here to stay for a long time.
Floral Events
Jun 15 | 4 min read
Shower Your Floral Art With the Veronica Sprayed Aqua Series feature wide - on Thursd
The Florius Showstopper Veronica Smart Aqua Mix Stealing the Show at the Fleuramour Flower Demo For many florists, flowers speak to them in their designs and that's why it's so important that the character of the flowers are exactly how they should be, and with Veronica Smart Aqua Mix, florists were extremely happy.
Jun 08 | 3 min read
Perfect Petals of Ever Red Roses Dressing up this model with the passionate petals of Ever Red roses brought magic into the event.
Floral Designs Roses
Nov 25 | 2 min read
Chantal Post Dares to Combine Fresh Flowers With Dried and Lulu Eternal Roses After checking how preserved flowers actually get preserved Chantal knew for sure she would combine the fresh, dried, and eternal in one design.
Dried Flowers
Nov 11 | 2 min read
Pina Colada Brought Me Back to Fleuramour for a Moment Pina Colada chrysanthemum, a tribute to the beautiful castle of Alden Biesen, to Fleuramour
Nov 11 | 1 min read
Avalanche+ Magic From the Past Tomas de Bruyne's amazing Avalanche+ design at castle Alden Biesen.
Floral Designs Roses
Jun 24 | 2 min read

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