These Are the Four Greenest Balls

Successful dianthus barbatus varieties from breeder Ball to fall in love with.

By: THURSD. | 01-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Based on the success of the Dianthus Barbatus Green Ball, the development of this fluffy flower continued as Ball has added two more varieties. Check out these green balls of floral fun.

The Journey by Ball

The journey to a novelty cut flower at that "Aha!" moment when a color, a flower, a new way of growing is first imagined. The series of green dianthus barbatus' are non-petalled flowering forms of Sweet William. With its green dianthus barbatus varieties, Ball has transformed these dreams into reality. The new green flower created great excitement in the world of flowers.

Today, these four varieties are available from Ball. Bet you'll fall in love in a second!

1. Dianthus Barbatus Green Ball

The vibrant green of the Dianthus Barbatus Green Ball with its showy spikes of light green creates a ball-shaped flower. Dark, glossy, long leaves on strong stems make it suitable for solid bunches

The perfectly round, green heads of about 6 cm in diameter provide bouquets with a never-before-seen texture and look. Green Ball is the flower that the market has been asking for: different, focal, and green. It’s time to indulge in something different.


Images by @dovsanddahlias_design (left) and @blossomsbytatiana.


Dianthus Green Ball design - on Thursd

Dianthus Barbatus Green Ball. Image by Ball.


2. Dianthus Barbatus Cocoa Ball

Dianthus Barbatus Cocoa Ball is all about that fashionable vintage look. Its spikes’ red tips, give it a classically aged look. It is both retro and refined, which is the perfect combination for old souls who like to get fancy.


Dianthus Barbatus Cocoa Ball. Image by Ball.


3. Dianthus Barbatus Punky Ball

Dianthus Barbatus Punky Ball is a youthful and rebellious variety from breeder Ball. Its disheveled spikes give it irresistible energy. Punky Ball knows no limits and has higher productivity than others on the market.


Dianthus Barbatus Punky Ball. Image by Ball.


4. Dianthus Barbatus Crazy Ball Chocolate

The dark green petals with a pointed head of dark chocolate color and purple hues give the Dianthus Barbatus Crazy Ball Chocolate a unique touch of vintage. Like a cottage-look to your arrangements.


Dianthus Barbatus Crazy Ball Chocolate design - on Thursd

Dianthus Barbatus Crazy Ball Chocolate. Image by Ball.



All four varieties by Ball are world-widely available. Check with your supplier on how to get your hands on the greenest balls in floriculture and fall in love with a new style.

Check these product pages for availability: Dianthus Green Ball, Dianthus Punky Ball, Dianthus Crazy Ball Chocolate.


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