Art Photo Projects’ Photo Shoots Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers

Fairytale styled shoots for a positive perspective on the floral industry.

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Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers

Art has always been a powerful medium for expressing emotions, and ideas and capturing the beauty that surrounds us. And this is one notion that Art Photo Projects, a platform focused on making fine art, creative photo shoots, workshops, and photography tours available for everyone, has been endeavoring to portray. Its artworks result in photographs that present a free interpretation of fairy tales combined with flowers and plants, and sometimes, a touch of Christmas styling.

Through its fascinating photography events and creative collaborations, this artistically innovative project not only transforms ordinary floral landscapes into everlasting works of art, but also presents a platform that offers dream photography events and experiences for everyone interested in the art, flowers, and nature space. Here's how you, as well, can master the art of close-up flower photography.

The Vision of Art Photo Projects

Art Photo Projects, led by the gifted Anna and her team, is no ordinary platform for transforming the floral photography movement. It is a mission that goes beyond what is considered to be the norm and reimagines flowers and plants as the stars of its fairytale-inspired photoshoots.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Hydrangeas in a rich blue color


With its deep appreciation for nature and flowers, Art Photo Projects presents audiences with an opportunity to journey into the world of flowers capturing the ethereal allure of blossoms.

Anna, a model and the art director of the Art Photo Projects team, together with her videographer and muses including Ksenia, organizes and realizes special photoshoots for all people in the Netherlands. Anyone - even with no experience - can join these shoots which are mainly in a fairy tale style.


"We like to be creative and are inspired by nature, beautiful locations, large dresses."


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Model with colorful lupines in a field.


The project is an idea that emerged in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic when floriculture faced hurdles and challenges. It found inspiration in recognizing the immense waste of flowers that occurred and embarked on a journey to create a positive impact.

Collaborating with growers, it ventured into Dutch greenhouses, transforming these spaces into fascinating backdrops for photography sessions; giving discarded flowers a new life by turning them into wondrous works of art.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Field overgrown with alliums.


Anna elaborates:

"We started the campaign initially to support growers and also to stay creative ourselves. When the first lockdown was in sight we had lost a lot of customers. Sitting around and doing nothing is not who we are and quickly leads to depression.

The collaboration gives us advantages: images, publicity and satisfaction. Nowadays we also organize shoot occasions in the greenhouses for others, so that people who want a special shoot (as a model or as a photographer) can also participate. We have certain agreements with several greenhouses, because it is definitely not the case that everyone can just enter and host a photo shoot.

We have worked hard to build trust and are the only team allowed to organize such a thing. Therefore, it remains an exclusive experience. The income from the photo shoots goes to the growers and their teams, so that we can all continue to do our work."


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Models in fields of colorful flowers 


The beauty of flowers and plants is what attracts Anna to floriculture. She explains that flowers are a big source of inspiration for the project.


"They (flowers) are a huge source of inspiration for us as photo artists. It is difficult to explain exactly what causes the attraction, but when I see a lot of them together I get a little crazy in my head with joy."

Basically, the project has a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about flowers and their craft. It collaborates with experienced photographers and videographers, creating breathtaking photo shoots that almost look surreal in different locations around the world.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Fantasy-like floral landscapes


From stunning landscapes to architectural beauties, the platform’s photography events are carefully curated to provide unique and captivating experiences for participants.

A Collective of the Most Magical Talents and Locations

One of the remarkable aspects of Art Photo Projects is its desire to make fine art, and creative photo shoots accessible to all. Its idea is to collect the most magical talents and locations and bring them together for everyone to enjoy. Be it a photography enthusiast, a model, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of art, Art Photo Projects offers something that will interest one.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Field of orange-blossoming tulips


The events that the project organizes are designed to go beyond traditional photo shoots. They aim to transform each session into an artistic voyage, where participants can explore their inner creativity and bring their visions to life.

With a range of options available, including beauty and fashion photo shoots, personalized art and beauty videos, and even dress rentals, Art Photo Projects ensures that every detail is taken care of, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
A flowery throne amid hydrangea flowers


Furthermore, Art Photo Projects offers retouching services to enhance the captured images, ensuring that each photograph reflects the true essence of the subject and the artistic vision behind it. The use of special effects, such as colored smoke, adds a touch of whimsy to the final results.

The project also presents photography events by organizing workshops and art projects for photographers and models. These educational opportunities provide valuable insights into the world of art photography and allow the participants to learn from experienced professionals and gain new skills and techniques.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
Photography that celebrates the beauty of nature and flowers


Immortalizing the Beauty of Flowers in Photographs

For its exceptional artwork, especially with regard to floral beauty, Art Photo Projects has gained acknowledgment and acclaim. Its portfolio showcases a diverse range of attractive images, capturing moments of beauty, emotion, and artistic expression. By celebrating flowers in photographs, it seemingly gives them a new lease on life, preserving their beauty and creating lasting memories.

As the world of floriculture gradually returned to normalcy, the project set its sights on new horizons. While its collaborations with existing greenhouses still continue, it also explores opportunities with other growers.


Art Photo Projects - Photoshoots That Give an Everlasting Life to Flowers
A surreal photography experience


Its inclusive approach welcomes anyone who wishes to partake in these extraordinary photoshoots, regardless of prior experience. And with its fairytale-inspired style, participants have the opportunity to unleash their nature-inspired artistic creativity.

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Photos by @artphotoproject.

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