These Stunning Jatropha Varieties by Decorum Are Now on the Market

Grower Richplant proudly presents two undisputed butterfly magnets.

By: THURSD. | 07-03-2022 | 2 min read
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Do you feel spring coming? Can you also feel the butterflies in your belly again? The jatrophas from Decorum grower Richplant are probably feeling exactly the same right now. The time has come to stun you with their brilliance, and to bring the joy of life to your home and warm patio. Jatropha Multifada and Jatropha Podagrica Compacta are now available!

What Do You See in the Jatropha?

When you look at any jatropha plant it is quite clear that this is not your usual plant. They all have this tropical look, and it is not hard to imagine that you would be swimming in an azure blue Caribbean sea diving over a coral reef. Without waking you up from your daydream, let's look at what's in store.

Jatropha Multifada

What a cheerful plant this is, the Jatropha Multifada. Literally, 'multifada' means 'splintered', and this plant actually is a kind of splintered with its abundant deeply incised leaves that seem to jump from the pot. And then comes the showy scarlet flower that shoots up even higher from these leaves, giving the plant this bizarre yet cheerful look.

The plant's alias 'coral plant' refers back to the coral reefs in this azure ocean.


Jatropha Multifada. Images by Garden's Lover and @rayondeserre.


Jatropha Podagrica Compacta

If you want a plant to admire you get a plant that wants to be admired. It's that simple. Jatropha Podagrica Compacta is that plant. It starts already at the stem. Well, the word 'stem' is an understatement. It's rather a kind of 'ball' the leaves and flower sprout from. No wonder this plant is also nick-named 'Buddha belly' plant.

From this belly-shaped stem come truly huge dark-green leaves. These give the plant instant volume in your room or on your patio. The plant would not be finished without these crazy coral-shaped flowers that jump out of the big leaves. awing even the mostblasé plantophile.


Jatropha Podagrica Compacta. Images by @aplantortwo.


Get Your Jatrophas Now

Yes, they're here for you. Make yourself and the butterflies happy by getting these stunners from Decorum grower Richplant. Check the Decorum website and webshop for your purchase options.


Decorum banner on Thursd


Header image by Photo by David J. Stang on Wikipedia


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