Top 10 Trending Christmas Decoration Ideas on TikTok Revealed

If you're a big TikTok fan, you'll want to catch a glimpse these useful and beautiful ornamental ideas for the 2023 holidays.

By: THURSD. | 20-12-2023 | 6 min read
Christmas Designs
Hot trends for Xmas on TikTok

Unwrap the hottest TikTok Christmas trends of 2023, where creativity and holiday cheer fuse to create dazzling displays of celebrations! Trends sparkle like tinsel on trees and spread joy faster than Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. From having 'all velvet' decor to heartwarming DIY decorations that redefine festive flair, these trends are the gifts that keep on giving. Deck the halls with these top 10 trending Christmas decoration ideas on TikTok.

Top 10 Trending Christmas Decoration Ideas on TikTok in 2023

‘Tis the season for sprucing up your home for the festive season and what better place to show off your hard work than over on social media? If your ‘for you pages’ are full of Christmas decorations, you might be wondering what the biggest trends are this year and how you can get the look.

As people look to embellish their Xmas decorations and take them to the next level, they find that TikTok is one of the best sources for inspiration. Find here a list of ten trending Christmas decoration ideas on the platform for this year.

1. Bows, Bows, Bows Everywhere

The bows galore for Christmas is here and they're ready to take over not only trees but glassware, table decor, gift wrapping and even using them as hair accessories. Two types of bow aesthetics will be seen this year. The 'clean girl bow aesthetic' shows elegant, lush, and longbows tied around specific Christmas objects to uplift their charm.


Christmas tree with red and white bows
A stunning, festive-looking Christmas tree with red and white bows to decorate it by @peppertreeliving


On the other hand, there's the 'messy bow aesthetic' which is more vintage, and messier, and is just a more spontaneous way of placing bows of your choice in whichever spaces or decoration objects you like. They look pretty divine placed anywhere and everywhere, making bows one of the top 10 trending Christmas decoration ideas seen on TikTok.


2. Tinsel Christmas Trees Are All In

Many around the world associate Christmas trees draped liberally in shiny silver tinsel with distant memories, perhaps relived once a year by thumbing through fading snapshots in an ancestral photo album. But, with Gen Z officially leaning into gaudy holiday nostalgia, those shimmering centerpieces — which have quietly grown in popularity in recent years — are back in real life.


Silver tinsel Christmas tree
A Christmas tree using silver tinsel decor by @lauraandthegs


#tinseltrees (1.4M views) evoke a sense of nostalgia for many people who may have grown up with them or have fond memories of these shiny, metallic decorations. Social media trends often tap into sentimental feelings.

Tinsel trees have a unique and eye-catching aesthetic because their shimmering and reflective surfaces can create visually appealing content, which tends to attract attention on platforms like TikTok.

This type of decoration and trend offers a departure from the traditional green Christmas tree, providing a distinctive and often more modern look. PS: Social media users are often drawn to content that stands out or is unconventional!


Christmas tree with silver tinsel and black bows
Photo by @chelsealane3


3. Burgundy Is Back

Oh yes! Burgundy is back and ready to make a statement in any Christmas look or feel you want for the holidays. Whether you use burgundy ornaments, bows, candles, you name it, burgundy is definitely one of the favorite and top 10 trending Christmas decoration ideas on TikTok for 2023. When you use burgundy for the season, it gives an old, traditional Christmas and people love it.


Burgundy decoration placed on the stairs
Photo by @lottierose_designs


4. Velvet Ornaments

Velvet ornaments with a reach of over 380K views on TikTok have quickly escalated to become one of this year's favorite trends for Christmas. Using these simple but appealing ornaments is one of the easiest ways to upscale your Christmas tree for a dramatic look. #velvetornaments is the maximalist but less garish alternative to traditional ornaments used in previous years. They simply add an overall aesthetic that is hard to beat because who can resist velvet?


Velvet ornaments in green and beige colors
Photo by @daliasfinedesigns


Velvet ornaments can be bought in any Christmas store in a wide variety of colors. A good idea would be to buy burgundy velvet ornaments so you go along with the burgundy Xmas trend for the year!


Light blue and bright white velvet ornaments
Photo by @shorestyleliving


5. A Blue Takeover for the Christmas Holidays

This year, blue has been seen taking over for Christmas decorations, including having a Christmas tree with hints of blue ornaments, ribbons, and overall appearance. Thursd announced its Floral Trend Color of the Year to be 'Sky Blue and Bright White', so you might want to consider making your Xmas blue because it looks absolutely stunning.


Blue Christmas trend on tiktok
Photo by @heatherdewberry


When combining the right tones of blue with maybe white and gold, it'll make the perfect combination. The blue takeover is one of the top 10 trending Christmas decoration ideas on TikTok with over 200K views.


Baby blue and bright white Christmas setting
Photo by @fashionablehostess


6. Japanese Gift Wrapping

For those who are leaning towards having more sustainable practices every day, the Japanese gift-wrapping technique is for you! This wrapping method uses fabric and can be used over and over each year. You can use a square piece of fabric and fold it in each corner, finally securing it with a big knot in the middle. You're free to add hand-made tags created with recycled materials to have a final result that is overall more sustainable than traditional wrapping methods.


Japanese gift wrapping technique for Xmas
Photo by @claremontstudio


7. Paper Decor and Ornaments Will Also Have Strong Presence This Year

Christmas decorations made from paper are often a more planet-friendly alternative to traditional decorations as they're reusable and recyclable. Plus, many paper Christmas decorations can be folded away and reused the following year. If you're into this TikTok trend, take a look at your color palette for Xmas and choose your favorite one to create or buy your paper ornaments. Beige and white are a very natural option that combines with everything.


Paper ornaments are a Xmas trend on tiktok
Photo by @_cafeathome


8. Specialty Wrapping Paper Is a Yes

Specialty wrapping paper for Christmas always takes it up a notch. It's always useful to know what type of paper you want to use according to your decoration and overall Xmas theme and colors. If you're having an all-white holiday then your best bet would be specialty paper in tones of white with silver linings and figures. If you're having a darker Christmas decor with hues of burgundy, you might want to opt for dark green wrapping paper and place huge burgundy bows to finish.


Specialty Christmas wrapping paper
Types of specialty wrapping papers you can use to wrap gifts this year by @tracweaver


9. Botanicals for Christmas Are Always in Style

Flowers and plants always have a way of making their presence during the entire year and it's no surprise that for Christmas they can also accompany you and your family during the holidays. Botanical ornaments, tags, wrapping paper and even accessories to decorate your cushions or living spaces will be a trend for 2023. Think art, pillows, ornaments, and paper with botanicals... yep! A gorgeous outcome.


A unique botanical wreath for Christmas decor
Weave some seasonal flora into your Christmas decor with this flowers-on-tulle wreath hoop by @gardens_illustrated


10. Blown Glass Ornament Trend for the Holidays

Glass ornaments are one of the coolest-looking Christmas decorations to hang up on your tree this year and it is no surprise they are a key trend this year.


Painted blown glass ornaments for Xmas
Lovely painted glass ornaments by @semprenataleroma


If you want to find decoration inspo using blown glass ornaments, just head to TikTok and type #blownglassornaments and you'll not only get charming ideas but also what colors, styles, and sizes are most appropriate and trendy to use for this year's Xmas festivities.


Trending Christmas Decoration by bespokepress
A snowflake handblown, handpainted glass ornament looking oh so pretty by @bespokepress


May these festivities be filled with love, joy, and peace, and Merry Christmas to all!



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