Top Plants for College Students

Students with these plants in their classrooms are more focused than students who do not

By: THURSD | 10-02-2023 | 4 min read
Indoor Plants
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Student life should be a pleasant and unforgettable way of life. This involves a lot of research into aspects of students' interests and the positive impact of contact with nature on students' mental well-being. Indoor plants are becoming an alternative to full interaction with nature in everyday life. Contemplating and caring for indoor plants reduces the level of psychological and physiological stress associated with mental work.

Ponytail Palm

Create a striking feature for your space with a striking ponytail palm. It is low maintenance and beautiful. The ponytail palms are bright and pom-pom-style leaves that look lively throughout the year.


Ponytail Palm - Nolina


Ponytail Palm Care

Set your ponytail palm on an area that is bright like a window or a desk with a sunny view. Since the ponytail palm has very low requirements for moisture, you'll only have to water it after the soil has dried, which can be as often as every 7 up to 10 days.

Why It's the Perfect Pick

Ponytail palms have a distinctive design, making an impact and differentiating your dorm from other college dorms.

Did You Know

The carbon dioxide that is too high in your home may contribute to headaches and tiredness. Keep a ponytail-shaped palm that can absorb carbon dioxide as well as then release oxygen in your space to alleviate these conditions.

Money Tree

A money tree is a great option for bold dorm décor. They are usually cultivated and braided to create an interesting look and are reminiscent of bonsai from the tropical region.


Money Tree - Pachira


Money Tree Care

The best conditions for money tree growth are moderate to bright indoor lighting and evenly moist soil.

Why It's the Perfect Pick

While it's not able to grow money, it gives an elegant, sophisticated look to your apartment or dorm.

Did You Know

A Dutch study found that hospital patients who were housed in rooms with plants had less stress and recovered faster than patients who did not have plants. Make sure to keep your money tree in the area to make sure you are ready for the final exam. If the stress becomes too much, you can seek help from writing companies or purchase essays on StudyCrumb depending on your comfort level with the available choices.

Cacti and Succulents

Make your desert oasis at your office or window by incorporating succulents and cacti. Dryland plants are easy to maintain and come in a variety of stunning shades and textures. Be assured that not all cacti are large and hairy.


Cacti Collection


Cacti and Succulent Care

Cacti and succulents are attracted by sunlight; place them in a bright window or just beneath a desk light. The soil should dry completely before you give them water.

Why They're the Perfect Pick

With their stylish appearance and minimal water requirements, Cacti and succulents make excellent choices for students who are busy and fashionable.

Did You Know

A study carried out at the Royal College of Agriculture in England discovered that the attention span of students was up by 70 percent in lecture halls with plants. Keep succulents and cacti in a dish garden in your office to aid in concentration.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is one of the well-known houseplants with straight, shaped, or woven bamboo-like stems as well as vibrant, bright green leaves. Its preference is for low lighting

and the ability to remove harmful indoor chemicals into the environment, this plant truly is fortunate!


Lucky bamboo


Lucky Bamboo Care

Lucky bamboo can grow in light to medium-light conditions. Be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, which could make the bamboo's leaves get sunburned. Lucky bamboo prefers to stay wet, so keep it hydrated every couple of days or place it in a pot filled with water or a vase.

Why It's the Perfect Pick

Lucky bamboo is strong and adaptable, able to effortlessly blend into any design (particularly the Zen style). Make your home look more stylish by using colored or marbled pebbles in the pot of your lucky bamboo.

Did You Know

Research conducted by The American Horticultural Therapy Association shows that students with plants like Lucky Bamboo in their classrooms are more focused than students who do not. Place a lucky bamboo in the area where you study. You might be able to get higher marks.



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