Plants in Your Dorm
Do You Need Plants in Your Dorm? Explore the benefits of having plants in your dorm room for a healthier, happier space.
Best Plants for Your Desk Featured
Must-Have Plants for Your Desk Easy to care for plants that will liven up your workspace.
Indoor Plants
May 19 | 9 min read
Essential Plants for a Bohemian Interior feature on Thursd
Check Out 10 Essential Plants for a Bohemian Interior A simple, yet complete guide of 10 amazing plants to choose to nail your interior decoration style.
Indoor Plants Remarkable
Apr 07 | 6 min read
Begonia Black Fancy black plant on Thursd
8 Best Black Houseplants That Are Perfect for the Spookiest Season of the Year These dark, gothic plants will certainly emanate and decorate both your indoor and outdoor spaces with a creepy-looking feeling just in time for Halloween.
Foxtail Agave Is Another Name for the Agave Attenuata Plant
Blown Away by the Agave Attenuata - Also Known as Foxtail Agave Did you see this Agave variety blooming ever before? A flower this long and beautiful only occurs once in a lifetime for the Agave Foxtail.
Succulent care tips
Four Ways to Revive a Succulent So Its Healthy Again Do you feel as if your succulents are dying? These tips will do the trick.
Rose Succulents
Rose Succulents: How to Care for and Grow these Rose-Looking Plants Are you obsessed with those gorgeous rose succulents you've see on Instagram? Here's everything to know about them!
8 Beginner Plants Students Can Grow in the Dorms featured
8 Beginner Plants Students Can Grow in the Dorms Want to add some greenery to your dorm? We have the answer! Read our guide to discover the best beginner plants that students can choose from!
Indoor Plants
Feb 15 | 4 min read
Top Plants for College Students Students with these plants in their classrooms are more focused than students who do not
Indoor Plants
Feb 10 | 4 min read
Zero-Waste Wedding Featured
Zero-Waste Wedding: 5 Fabulous Plant Favors to Suit Any Theme Bring greater sustainability into your big day with favors your guests will love. Check out these 5 amazing zero-waste wedding favors featuring plants.
Decorum Winco Holland - on Thursd
Visiting Winco Holland - Cacti and Succulent Specialist A big candy store that is an inspiration for florists.
Indoor Plants
Nov 30 | 3 min read

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