'United Colours of Beekenkamp' at FlowerTrials 2022

You are most welcome to be a part of a reunion of colors, plants, and people at Beekenkamp in the Netherlands from June 14 to 17, 2022.

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United Colours of Beekenkamp at Flower Trials 2022 header - on Thursd

In week 24 everyone's cordially invited to the FlowerTrials Event at Beekenkamp's new location in Maasdijk, Netherlands. Beekenkamp Plants reunite and its colleagues from all parts of the world are there to welcome you!

Beekenkamp FlowerTrials 2022

Finally! You could hear the big sigh of relief coming from the offices and greenhouses of Beekenkamp. After two years of absence, this breeder will be able to personally guide you through its FlowerTrials event again in week 24. From Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th of June it's a reunion of colors, plants, and people in the Maasdijk Show Garden.


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United Colours of Beekenkamp

With this year's theme, 'United Colours of Beekenkamp' this quality breeder's aim is to unite with you and each other again through an extensive color palette of plants.

Outdoor Location

This year the show will focus on the show garden at Korte Kruisweg 157 in Maadsdijk, Netherlands. This location is in the Dutch growers' region of Westland close to the Royal FloraHolland auction. Here the people of Beekenkamp Ornamentals from all over the world will be ready to show you around and experience the show garden with all its commercial varieties and introductions. Let yourself be taken in by the possibilities for your part of the chain.


Beekenkamp Flower Trials 2022 - on Thursd


La Bella Dahlia and Begonia Spacestars

Imagine yourself in a world full of color and be surprised by Beekenkamp's colorful brands. From LaBella Dahlias for every pot size to the brand new introduction that is being launched: the Begonia Spacestars series with the first two varieties Begonia Avior and Begonia Maia.


Beekenkamp Flower Trials LaBella Dahlia - on Thursd
LaBella Dahlia


Beekenkamp Flower Trials Begonia Spacestars - on Thursd
 The Begonia Spacestars series: Begonia Avior (left) and Begonia Maia



In addition to the pot and bedding plant range, Beekenkamp will take you through the story of Alfresco, the breeder's own hobby vegetable brand. With an extensive range of both grafted and non-grafted hobby vegetables, Beekenkamp tells you more about this ever-growing market: the cultivation of fresh products by the consumer as an addition to a healthy lifestyle.


Beekenkamp Flower Trials Alfresco - on Thursd


BKX Tray

Last, but not least, Beekenkamp presents the BKX tray as part of its sustainable vision for the future. The range of BKX trays has been expanded with several tray sizes. Partly due to the perfect retrieval of the young plants, this tray is also of great advantage for growers.


Beekenkamp Flower Trials BKX Trays - on Thursd
BKX Trays


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