Discover the Remarkable Begonia Hailey Yellow

A novelty by Koppe Begonia with an exclusive look and appearance from the beloved Hailey series. Perfect for both your indoors and outdoors!

By: THURSD. | 19-06-2024 | 4 min read
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Begonia Hailey Yellow is Koppe's vibrant yellow floral accessory.

Koppe Begonia, the premier begonia breeder and supplier of propagation material based in the Netherlands has been in operation for more than a century and has, throughout its years of operation, built a strong and reputable brand for its quality begonias. A specialist in indoor, outdoor, and foliage begonias, Koppe has a wide range of varieties — which it is constantly growing — including Begonia Hailey Yellow®.

One of the company's recent new series of Begonias, the Hailey series, is known for its beautiful round-shaped plants that possess an outstanding year-round growing ability. This series is made up of an impressive lineup, but among them, Begonia Hailey Yellow® is particularly noteworthy, mostly because it is the first fully yellow begonia to be introduced in a long time.

Koppe’s Begonia Hailey Yellow, a Perfect Plan(t) for Both the Indoors and Outdoors

Begonia Hailey Yellow® is the third installment in the Hailey series, a Begonia collection that has already gained widespread acclaim and approval for its exceptional and impeccable characteristics.


Begonia Hailey Yellow Is Koppe’s Bright Yellow Floral Accessory
Koppe's Begonia Hailey Yellow®.


A recent introduction in the Begonia family — launched during the 2024 FlowerTrials — Begonia Hailey Yellow® is already making itself a real standout in the market. Just so you know, Koppe Begonia participated in FlowerTrials to showcase its latest innovations and developments in the ornamental plant sector, and Hailey Yellow® is just one of those novelties it presented during the event.

This flowering ornamental plant is unique in more ways than one would imagine. It has a lovely yellow color palette that makes it likable, it’s no wonder many people are — and will definitely remain — mesmerized by its impressiveness. 


Koppe Begonia Hailey Yellow at FlowerTrials
Introduction at the 2024 FlowerTrials


The variety is, for starters, known for its speed of growth, and thrives even during the winter months. While many varieties may have trouble getting through the winter months, due to a lack of light and other inhibitive conditions, Begonia Hailey Yellow® essentially thrives on, proudly showcasing its beautiful full flowers that come in a lively yellow and pop out against the lush green of its verdant foliage.

These growth qualities are a remarkable characteristic that allows the Begonia Hailey Yellow® to flourish in a wide range of growing conditions; be it summer or winter. Quite a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor floral displays, you’d agree! 


Begonia Hailey Yellow in green pot
The highly decorative Begonia Hailey Yellow®


The variety's compact, round plant form is still yet another quality you'd admire in the Begonia Hailey Yellow®. This circular shape is further enhanced by the vibrant yellow blooms, a hue that has, for a while, been somewhat elusive and difficult to come by in the Begonia market. These lovely yellow blooms are also evenly spread throughout the plant. The plant’s compact size, coupled with its easy-growth nature, therefore, contributes to making Koppe’s Begonia Hailey Yellow® a good fit for both indoor and outdoor settings.

In addition to these qualities, Hailey Yellow®'s consumer appeal is, by the same token, impressive. It has long-lasting flowers and a durable nature. The great customer value and a short crop time, similarly, make the plant a popular choice among growers.


Koppe Begonia Hailey Yellow detail


A Begonia Variety to Look Forward To

Growers and consumers can, therefore, look forward to this exceptional begonia, which has all the potential to redefine the standards of begonia cultivation. It is a special begonia in that the speed with which it can be grown is perfect, the fact it can be grown year-round, its excellent consumer durability, and the stunning visual appeal that it exudes.

This unique combination of qualities; a short cultivation period, and suitability for year-round cultivation, which are important for growers, and excellent longevity perfect for traders, florists, and consumers, all make Begonia Hailey Yellow® a valuable plant investment for practically every individual plant and flower lover.


Begonia Hailey Yellow on a chair


Sustainability in Koppe Begonia’s Production Processes

Just like in the production of all its other floral offerings, Koppe Begonia's keenness for quality and sustainability has contributed to the development of Begonia Hailey Yellow® as well. The Ermelo-based breeding and propagation company's facilities both in the Netherlands and Portugal focus on the sustainable production cause to ensure a sustained supply of these home & garden flowering plants.


Koppe Begonia Hailey Yellow in greenhouse


The emphasis on sustainability has been Koppe’s key approach in successful quality begonia production as the company strives to deliver unique varieties while minimizing the environmental impact of its operations.


Photos courtesy of Koppe Begonia.


Koppe Begonia banner


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