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Celebrate this event's 20th anniversary in style amidst this breeders top selling brands and vivid novelties.

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MNP Suntory Flower Trials 2024 header on Thursd

In 2024, FlowerTrials will celebrate its 20th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in the horticultural industry. This anniversary is particularly special for MNP / Suntory, as it also commemorates two decades of their participation in this iconic event. Over the years, they have witnessed this pot and bedding plant event grow into the most important horticultural showcase of the summer season. FlowerTrials is held from the 11th until the 14th of June, 2024, and you're warmly invited!

MNP / Suntory at FlowerTrials

MNP / Suntory always strives to make every visit to their Leimuiderbrug (Netherlands) plant an immersive experience. They focus meticulously on every detail, ensuring that their presentations are not only visually stunning but also inspiring for the entire horticultural industry. Their commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that week 24 of FlowerTrials is always a highlight.


FlowerTrials 2023 at MNP Suntory
FlowerTrials at MNP Suntory


The past few editions of FlowerTrials have been particularly memorable for MNP / Suntory. In 2022, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of Sundaville®, their premier brand of Mandevilla/Dipladenia. The following year their double-flowered Mandevilla, Sundaville® Double Blush Pink, won the Fleurostar award for its outstanding appeal.

Highlights of the 2023 FlowerTrials can be relived in the recap video here:


2023 was also the year they reached a monumental milestone with Surfinia®, which surpassed 1.5 billion in sales. This achievement was marked with a celebratory video featuring their general manager, Jeroen Egtberts, and plant enthusiast Michael Perry, also known as Mr. Plant Geek. He commented on this occasion: "Surfinia® has been a major brand for many many years. It's the #1 in Petunia."


Michael Perry Mr Plant Geek
Michael Perry, a.k.a. Mr. Plant Geek


The video can be viewed here:


Exciting New Varieties for 2024

MNP / Suntory is thrilled to introduce several new varieties at FlowerTrials 2024. Leading the lineup is their new brand Soirée®, featuring the most outstanding Catharanthus roseus varieties. These tiny but mighty flowers come in five vibrant colors, are easy to grow in pots ranging from 7 cm to 22 cm, and are low-maintenance for consumers. Their charming appearance is enhanced by thoughtful branding from this renowned breeder.

The beloved Sundaville® collection is expanding with new varieties, including Sundaville® Double Red, the striking red counterpart to the award-winning Double Blush Pink. They are also introducing the new Blue Sundaville® and a fresh 'Vintage' collection featuring extra-large flowers in tropical colors like yellow and vibrant red. These new additions promise to bring a burst of color and elegance to any garden.




In the world of Scaevola, the Surdiva® brand continues to impress. The new Surdiva® Fashion Pink Improved variety offers enhanced color brilliance, strength, and resistance to heat and rain, making it perfect for hanging baskets that remain beautiful even in stormy summer weather.


Surdiva Fashion Pink Improved on FlowerTrials
Surdiva® Fashion Pink Improved


Surfinia® also continues to innovate with new gems like Surfinia® Trailing Big Purple and Surfinia® Dark Yellow Morn, adding to the array of options for garden enthusiasts.


Surfinia Trailing Big Purple in garden on Thursd
Surfinia® Trailing Big Purple


Surfinia Dark Yellow Morn
Surfinia® Dark Yellow Morn


Join MNP / Suntory at FlowerTrials 2024

MNP / Suntory is eager to showcase these exciting new varieties and share the latest innovations in the horticultural industry. FlowerTrials 2024 (from 11th until the 14th of June, 2024) promises to be an unforgettable event, and they hope to see everyone there. Visit this breeder at FlowerTrials and be part of this spectacular celebration of 20 years of horticultural excellence.

FlowerTrials Location:
MNP / Suntory
Weteringweg 3a
2155 MV Leimuiderbrug


All photos and video courtesy of MNP / Suntory.
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