Using Flower Arranging as a Pathway to Empathy in Education

Incorporating flower arranging in education fosters empathy by teaching care, sensitivity, and appreciation for beauty, connecting students to nature and others.

By: THURSD | 28-06-2023 | 5 min read
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Flower Arranging

Empathy is the key to healthy communication between people. This is a kind of harmony of emotions and feelings, which allows you to understand the deep feelings of the people around you. 

In connection with the development of various fields of psychology and sociology, scientists manage to analyze the problems in the relationship of students in the process of studying in college. Bullying is a very common problem. But what is the cause of bullying, and what has happened to empathy among college students? 

The key element is not accepting that people can be different and not empathizing with them. In this article, we will discuss how flower arranging can be the key to developing empathy among students.


Empathy and Why It Is Important for Students

First and foremost, humans are social beings. Healthy communication requires mutual understanding and the ability to build interpersonal relationships. To get closer to a person, you need to understand his emotional state. This way, it will be easier for you to interpret his actions. 

In the process of learning, you will often face a need to work in groups and socialize. Empathy greatly increases your productivity. It is also easier for empathic people to choose friends. Thanks to your analysis skills, and the ability to feel the other person, you can easily understand whether you are suitable for each other as friends.

Due to the increased interest in the field of mental health and the peculiarities of communication, the topic of the importance of empathy among students has gained great popularity among scientists and teachers. And often, you will meet with the need to write essays about empathy. Perhaps initially, you will be confused by such a serious topic. However, an essay on empathy is a very deep and versatile niche. There are many interesting topics and good titles for essays about empathy.

To write a decent paper, you have to decide on specific areas in the study of empathy. An excellent choice would be such a hot topic as flower arranging in the context of education. In the course of your research, you will explore how flowers influence the psyche, as well as the practices that are used to develop empathy

Flowers as an Educational Tool

Flowers have long been used as part of the Montessori teaching methodology for children. Using the example of preschoolers, we can trace how Floristics positively influences the formation of creativity and sensory perception. This technique implies that working with flowers helps children develop fine motor skills, a sense of aesthetics, self-control and self-discipline, and creativity. We can bring this kind of experience to university programs. 

Firstly, working with flowers calms the students. Since flower arranging requires perseverance, it allows your nervous system to relax. Secondly, this activity develops creativity. Understanding how best to combine colors and flower varieties develops the student's original vision. Thirdly, after analyzing what flowers the student chose to create a bouquet, we can talk about the emotional state. An elementary analysis suggests that bright colors speak of energy and emotionality, light and pale colors speak of calmness and balance, and dark colors can speak of sadness.

Of course, some people are naturally more empathic. Thus, their nervous system more easily feels other people, allowing them to be imbued with other people's experiences and understand the emotions of others. Yet empathy can be developed through practice. Techniques such as flower arranging can help students learn to better understand their peers. The results of such a strategy can lead to a decrease in the level of bullying and an improvement in the overall microclimate in relations between students.



How Flower Arranging May Be Implemented in Our Colleges? 

Of course, in all programs except those related to botany and biology, it will be quite difficult to introduce floristry into university education. However, you can organize a special course in the form of extracurricular activities or group training. Let's look at the main ideas for implementing floristry in students' schedules:

We all have to work on ourselves to provide a healthier societal atmosphere. Students are just starting their journey in the field of interpersonal communications. To help them become full-fledged members of society, caring for each other's feelings, it is crucial to explain the importance of empathy. Flower arranging is a great way to increase empathy and reduce the stress levels we are all so prone to.



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