Win a Masterclass of the Renowned American Florist Sarah Campbell 

Join the 'Bloom in Blue' challenge with Delphinium Sunshine

By: THURSD. | 06-08-2021 | 2 min read

Developing and successfully launching new products is an important part of a a breeder's strategy. New products provide additional sources of revenue by enabling the business to sell more to existing customers, attract new customers or enter into new markets. However, product development can be a costly, time-consuming activity. To succeed, breeders sometimes choose surprising, but welcome strategies. This is one of them!

Experiencing New Products

Breeder's new cut flowers must meet genuine customer needs that their competitors cannot satisfy with existing products. This can be growth advantages for growers, or longevity and sturdiness for florists and consumers. In the case of flower that looks the same as other existing varieties, it is important people experience the product, This way, although flowers look the same, people can see in real life they are different and better. How better to experience a product than with a challenge in which real users start to work with your products? This is exactly what Breeder Ball does with the 'Bloom in Blue' challenge with Delphinium Sunshine. Ball Bloom in Blue Challenge - on Thursd Banner

'Bloom in Blue' Challenge

You can win an amazing price, which is the workshop 'BIG DREAMS: Virtual Installation Masterclass' of the renowned American florist: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Teaches (valued at USD 2,997). But also a bonus of USD 300 on Ball flowers, so you can create more inspiring arrangements. Ball Bloom in Blue Challenge - on Thursd - Price How can one participate?

You must tag @ballsbcutflowers and use the hashtag #BloomInBlueBallSB. More info can be found on the Ball website Ball on Thursd - Delphinium sunshine banner

The Sun Is Shining and There’s Not a Cloud in the Sky

"This Delphinium's rays reach out creating the truest hues of blue, ever-changing but always beautiful. From the the light and airy to the deepeset blues. This is the world of Delphinium Sunshine. A spray Delphinium that brings its soft airiness everywhere it goes."

With sturdy and open stems, and blooms so incredibly blue you truly have to see them to believe it. Delphinium Sunshine is a desired variety not only because of strong, tall, sturdy stems and big strong, true blue single florets but also because of its spray habitat and flowers that open all on top – hence, it is a perfect for bouquets. A tissue-culture breeding breakthrough, it is highly programmable and provides very uniform blooming A novelty choice for commercial cut-flower growers and consumers – provides a true blue element to flower arrangements.



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