Astronova Was Ten Years in the Making - a Completely New Flower Species

From breeder Royal Van Zanten and The Queen's Flowers. They are stunning the world with a unique and new species. Get a glimpse right here!

By: THURSD. | 28-12-2022 | 2 min read

When we look up at the stars, we’re looking at history. The stars are ancient, the same ones people saw centuries ago, and the same ones people will see centuries from today. We see constellations and astrological signs. Now, Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers have brought that sense of discovery and history into something you can hold in your hand: a first-of-its-kind flower, realized by the passion and expertise of the world’s best growers. So, we look up at the night stars. A new star is looking back. And its name is Astronova.

Nature Finds a Way - This Is Astronova

We can use the stars to locate ourselves in the world. The stars are a mystery, and yet we feel we know them, and every so often, after a lifetime of searching, a new one is discovered. They say that nature finds a way, and science opens up new possibilities.


Astronova White
Astronova Purple


Astronova was inspired by the cosmos and brought into being by the combined efforts of two of the world’s foremost growers. With the promise of a longer vase life than any flower before it, and a brightness reminiscent of the night sky, this new Astronova is without a doubt a great achievement.

Astronova Was Ten Years in the Making

Royal Van Zanten and The Queen's Flowers introduce the Astronova, a unique flower ten years in the making, and well worth the wait. Beauty takes time. But what do ten years in the making mean? It means unwavering attention to detail, impassioned and creative breeding, and a commitment to consumer value. A collective human touch has brought the best out of nature.


Astronova Flower Arrangement Astronova Arrangement



What do you get when you combine the premier breeders of Europe and South America? Whether in the Netherlands, Colombia, or Africa, the people at Royal Van Zanten and Queen’s put untold amounts of time and care into making Astronova a reality. In a combined statement these two creators state: "This process has been a privilege for both Royal Van Zanten and Queen’s, and it is everyone’s hope that Astronova marks the beginning of a sustained partnership. We’re just getting started.”


Astronova by Royal Van Zanten Astronova by Royal Van Zanten

Astronova Is Only Available in the USA

Lucky guys in the States! For the moment Royal Van Zanten and The Queen's Flowers have announced that Astronova will be only available in the USA.


Astronova Pink



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