Yellow Hypericums With Flair

All hypericums are yellow

By: THURSD. | 30-03-2021 | 2 min read
Is it ivory, as its name says? Is it yellow, as the eye tells us? Definitely, it is a nifty flower, this hypericum Ivory Flair® by Marginpar. When you are used to looking at dark red, pink, or green hypericums, this will be an Easter surprise to you. A tiny Easter egg with flair, especially when it opens up.

All Start Out Yellow

Not just Ivory Flair is yellow. When you learn about this flower, you come to know that they all start out yellow. The life of a berry starts out inside bright yellow, star-shaped flowers. Bees love them. The berries develop after the blooms fade away. These smooth, shiny berries are clustered on woody stems and come in an array of different colors, like red, pink, green, and yellow. Those woody stems with berries are what you buy for your bouquets.
Marginpar Hypericum LM Flowerfashion Vogue flower market Piece with Hypericum Ivory Flair for Vogue Flower Market (photo courtesy of LM Flower Fashion Productions
Hypericum is a flower for many purposes but mostly seen as a bouquet filler. With just one or two stems you create more volume easily. This traditional flower works great in the more classical genres of flower arranging, as well as in dense flower walls.

Why Not? Hypericum as Beads

Yet, we also see it being used in a totally different manner: like beads! Floral designers take out needles and threads, picking the berries from the stems, creating a much more modern look. The hypericum lends itself perfectly for these kinds of creative outbursts. It is a robust, sturdy flower that can handle being used off the beaten track?
Marginpar Hypericum LM Flowerfashion close up Close-up of a piece with hypericum Ivory Flair for Flower Lives (photo courtesy of LM Flower Fashion Productions

Decades of Kenyan Production

Marginpar grows several varieties of hypericum on its Kenyan flower farms. Decades ago, it was one of the first to grow this product on African soils and export it to the Dutch auctions. The different varieties and colors make it a great flower for every occasion. Not surprisingly, the red varieties do well during the Christmas season, and the yellow hypericum Ivory Flair® is used in many Spring and Easter designs.
Marginpar Hypericum LM Flowerfashion Flower Lives Piece with hypericum Ivory Flair for Flower Lives (photo courtesy of LM Flower Fashion Productions

More Than Just a Pretty Flower

The hypericum has more surprises to it than the flowering berries. It is known as a medicinal plant. Almost 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended hypericum to treat

Hypericum to Ward Off Evil Spirits

Do you have the feeling something is off in your house? Feel that you are not alone, while you know you should be? Maybe you could benefit from some hypericum! It used to be placed above photos in the house during St. John's Day (24 June) to ward off evil spirits. Hence the general name St. John's wort. Need to say more about hypericum? Or are you convinced already about the flair this yellow tiny Easter egg carries?



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