Meet Two Delighting Fillers From the OrcaFloral Assortment

Fillers, like flowers and cut greenery, are an essential part of floral arrangements. Gypsophila as well as hypericum flowers are here to prove it.

By: THURSD. | 13-12-2023 | 5 min read
Trendy filler flowers for floral designs

Adomex has incoming news for you and you'll want to pay attention because what has fused and what is new will become all-time favorites in the market. Say hello to the charming first-class fillers of their most recent creation: OrcaFloral, a third-quality label joined by their existing brands. Interested in knowing more? Here's how these fillers will become a staple piece in your arrangements.

OrcaFloral - Adomex's Most Recent Introduction of Divine Fillers

Adomex is proud to announce that its trusted OrcaGreen brand and exclusive OrcaExotics brand have been joined by a third addition to its family: OrcaFloral. This charming new product collection comprises a series of 'fillers' that add volume and texture to bouquets and floral arrangements. The latest fillers from OrcaFloral are a valuable addition to their range for floral professionals for whom reliability and quality throughout their entire range are a priority. As they like to be called, they are first-class fillers, but why? What gives these fillers added value and differentiation in any type of floral arrangement?


Hypericum filler by Adomex for OrcaFloral brand
A view of how hypericum filler flowers in white, green, red, and pink look in a floral artistic design


To kick this launch off, it's worth mentioning that the OrcaFloral fillers are primarily imported from Kenya and Ecuador, two countries known for their breathtaking landscapes and incredible diversity of flora. They have partnered with several carefully selected growers in these countries who cultivate, harvest, check, cut, sort, and package these jewels created by Mother Nature with the utmost care. On top of that, they also guarantee excellent quality and continuous availability in various sizes and packaging by working together. A complete package, all in one.


Floral arrangement using red hypericum flowers
Floral arrangement using bright red hypericum flowers


But hold on... that's not all! When it comes to fillers, the options are numerous and diverse. They come in all sizes and shapes, from small and airy to large and leaf-shaped, and in every color imaginable. This versatility in the product allows florists and designers to create one-of-a-kind and exciting, creative floral designs. Why add fillers, you may be wondering... On this occasion, gypsophila and hypericum take over the OrcaFloral assortment and they're here to tell you why they will be the perfect filler for any sort of floral creation.

Gypsophila Makes Part of the OrcaFloral Brand

One of the two fillers that have been recently introduced by Adomex is the delicate-looking gypso. Gauzy and dreamy, gypsophila is a much-loved flower in the world of bouquets and floral arrangements. The clouds of tiny white or pale pink flowers on tangled stems make them a perfect filler for almost every creation. No surprise then that gypsophila, otherwise known as 'Baby’s Breath', has long been one of the most popular cut flowers.

Dating back to a little history, gypsophila is a genus of flowering plants in the carnation family, 'Caryophyllaceae', which includes around 150 species. These tiny buds are native to Eurasia but are also found in Australia and Africa. Did you know the name ‘Gypsophila’ comes from the Greek and reflects the plants’ preference for chalky soils?


Gypsophila filler flowers by Adomex
Cloud-looking like tiny white gypsophila filler flowers


Adomex imports the exceptionally large, pure white, and fast-growing variety, Gypsophila Xlence® from its partners in Kenya and Ecuador for its OrcaFloral label. These countries have the ideal climate and altitude (2,250 and 2,500 meters, respectively) to promote optimal growth. Their growers allow the young cuttings to root on their farms before planting them in the field at about 12 weeks old. 14 weeks later, the stems are harvested, and depending on the soil conditions, the plants can produce up to three harvests.

After harvesting, the bushy stems are transferred to heated greenhouses where they reach the desired stage of ripeness, partly through the addition of water and sugar. The stems are then carefully sorted by weight and quality, cooled, packed in bunches, and air freighted to the Netherlands.


Gypsophila being cut and arranged to export


The best thing about this product is that it is available all year! Whether it is a soloist or a cast member in a mixed bouquet, gyp lasts a long time and adds a charming, dreamy cloud to any arrangement. Because the voluminous filler represents purity, innocence, and eternal love, it is frequently used as a bridal flower and makes the perfect fit for an 'I do'!


Combination of white roses and gypsophila
A lovely combination showing white roses and gypsophila in a flower arrangement


The Beauty of Hypericum as a Filler Flower

Hypericum, also known as 'St. John's Wort', looks lovely in bouquets and floral arrangements as a filler flower. Depending on the variety, the stems bear clusters of small berries in red, pink, orange, green, white, or brown. Hypericum adds not only volume and color to floral designs but also incorporates a playful element. As a result, florists and designers like to use this charming filler to add a dash of color and texture to their floral creations.


Adomexs hypericum filler flowers in various colors
Using Hypericum filler flowers in various colors to create a floral design with a 'wow' effect


The hypericum that makes part of the OrcaFloral assortment is grown at an altitude of 2,250 meters in Kenya and around 2,500 meters in Ecuador. It's important to know that careful management is required for the correct cultivation of these. After 32 weeks, the stems are harvested and sorted by length and the bunches are placed in the cold room after processing to hydrate and cool before being packed in OrcaFloral sleeves and transported to the airport.


Harvest of hypericum flowers
Harvest of hypericum flowers in Kenya


Adomex offers this product all year, but the stems are most popular in the winter. Magical Red Wine, Magical Royal Princess, Magical Snow Prince, Magical Triumph, Magical Seasons, Magical Green Revival, Magical Green Power, and Magical Lightning are just a few of their favorite hypericum varieties. As a fun fact, did you know hypericum flowers are always yellow, regardless of the color of the berries?

More to Come

In 2024 Adomex pans to add several other product groups to their assortment of filler flowers, such as solidago, eryngium, and anigozanthos (kangaroo paws), so follow Adomex for any updates on this.

Whichever one you choose, know that they're definitely worth adding to any floral design.


Photos courtesy of Adomex.


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