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Pamela Lopez

With 15 years of HR and recruiting experience, my career started in a corporate environment, focusing on various HR subsystems, with a particular passion for recruitment. My journey led me through roles in a staffing firm, managing recruiting processes across Colombia, the United States, and Ecuador.

In 2015, I established a Human Resources consulting firm in Ecuador, engaging in staffing across multiple industries. It was here that I found my calling in the floral industry, known for its creativity and growth opportunities.

By 2021, I joined Pollen Talent Floral Recruiting as the Head HR Specialist. This boutique agency specializes in the floral industry and collaborates with companies across South, Central, and North America, ranging from small wholesalers to large distributors and growers. At Pollen Talent, our mission is to advance floral industry careers and assist companies in sourcing the right talent.

My content will focus on employee recruitment strategies in the floral industry, resume enhancement for those seeking floral industry jobs, and career development for employees in this sector. I aim to bolster the business of companies and enrich the careers of employees, emphasizing floral industry recruiting, floral industry careers, and floral industry jobs, with a broad focus across the Americas.

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