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Director Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide and Founder of EMC Program

Tomas De Bruyne

I am Tomas De Bruyne. Hello! Floral design is my lifetime passion and profession. Whether as an entrepreneur, a trendsetter, a floral designer, teacher, influencer, author, or esthete contributor, my life is surrounded by flowers. I have taken every opportunity and used each experience to best convey the powerful message of this amazing medium. As director and founder of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide, a company specializing in large-scale floral art installations for a wide range of events, I have always embraced floral design as a universal language that allows us to communicate, beyond borders and limitations. My dedication to creativity, education, and the floral designer profession inspired me to co-run and teach at EMC International, an educational program that focuses on helping designers discover their infinite creative potential.

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It’s Not About the Color It’s about what you make of it
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