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DEBEAULIEU offers you an astonishing selection of flowers, plants and objects. Fleuristes of Paris, he opened a flower shop, a shop from a typical Parisian neighbourhood. It is at the intersection of the intellectual 9th arrondissement and the hedonist Pigalle area. When he decided to do this job, he wished to give a reinterpretation of the classical compositions using their shapes and their generosity, adding strange flowers as well as old-fashioned or little known ones. Pierre has been influenced by the 17th Flamand classical painting like Jan Van Huysum, by Hans Peter Feldmanna's flower photographs, by the abundant decor of the Villa Boscogrande in Visconti's movie Le Guapard, and also by Gerhard Richtera's work. He wishes to suggest new associations of plants and / or colours so that to make us rediscover some varieties, bringing a different eye on them. Not only Pierre loves plants but also interior design. In order to understand and feel the atmosphere in which the bouquet is shown, he proposes many different jars which have been carefully collected over the seasons unique vases, antique or modern ones, 19th planters with the 1970-1980s design. With his style and his approach, he has come to work with the fashion, architecture and design industries. Thanks to his collaboration he has been inspired by their collections, materials that he transcribes in the balance of the floral selection, in the colours, in the structure so as to create an emotion as the bouquet is being made. He is deeply attached to a certain kind of non-control and spontaneity.

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Debeaulieu 30 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Parijs, Frankrijk

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