The Inspiration Behind Michelle Kingdom's Surreal Embroidered Artwork Learn about the fascinating inspiration behind Michelle Kingdom's masterpieces and how she embellishes her embroidery work through solo figures along with plants, flowers, and animals.
May 11 | 2 min read
Tom Leighton Photographs the Nightlife of Foliage Embodied in all of his images, whether the source is urban architecture or the structures of nature, is a sense of wonder.
Feb 04 | 2 min read
Poise and Presence Is What Carmel Doyle Vandale Loves in This Photoshoot Talking about life, business, children, flowers and photoshoots, I just love it!
Kowalski Asked Me to Be Part of His Art, to Show Love in Its Full Bloom With Red Roses It's about getting out of your comfort zone into other ones. To open up to each other's creativity, to reach the highest goal.
Nov 10 | 3 min read
Andy Warhol's Fascination With Line Drawings and Flowers Rather than showcasing his typical pop art style, the portfolios prove Warhol’s skill across genres.
Aug 19 | 2 min read
Foggy Flowers That Represent Ambiguity Signs of the times in a series by Studio Lernert & Sander
Mar 24 | 2 min read
Design Plays a Key Role in these Blooming Businesses These trendy flower shops match blossom to boudoir
Jul 22 | 3 min read
Bethan Laura Wood Sharing Her Design Insights A unique sense of style and bold use of color
Mar 05 | 7 min read

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