Nature and Floral Art Merge in Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets

"Working with stained glass is the most joyful process, each step needs consideration and care."

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Jessica Saunders' stained-glass sculptural bouquets represent a harmonious blend of nature and floral art.

Based in the United Kingdom, Jessica Saunders is a contemporary artist who has created a unique niche for herself in the artistic world. And you know what her medium of choice is? Stained glass. But quite unlike traditional stained glass artists who focus on elaborate religious or figurative works, her passion lies in capturing the transient beauty of nature, and particularly flowers in her fascinating sculptures.

Jessica has, essentially, taken this ancient craft to new levels by merging the elaborate beauty of stained glass with the delicate charm of nature and flowers. In her sculptures, she attempts to give these flowers — and foliage — an eternal aura, seemingly, preserving their beauty, albeit in glass. The result of her efforts is a kind of magic that only occurs when art and nature converge.

A Journey in Creating Everlasting Stained-Glass Floral Bouquets and Foliage

A modern-day stained glass artist who creates everlasting pieces of artwork, including flower bouquets, and foliage, from her home studio called Studio Saunders, close to the sea in Essex, Jessica describes working with stained glass as a joyful process; a process that requires careful consideration and a human touch to bring to life. 


​Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets
Jessica Saunders' stained glass sculptural floral arrangements


Largely inspired by the flowers growing in her own garden and the stories shared by others, Jessica’s artistic journey began with, among other elements, a fascination for nature, color, and light. She was drawn to the way light interacted with different materials, creating uniquely fascinating patterns and textures. This fascination led her to explore the possibilities of stained glass, a medium that has mesmerized artists for centuries.

She, however, wasn’t keen on replicating the traditional styles of stained glass art. Instead, she wanted to push the boundaries a little further. She wanted to explore its potential for capturing the delicate, and often transitory, beauty of nature. Thus, she began experimenting with different techniques, using colored glass and other materials to create sculptures and bouquets that were both realistic and exquisite.


​Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets


In 2020, she began working with stained glass after her partner gifted her a beginner’s kit for the stained glass artistic practice. The result has been a breathtaking collection of stained glass sculptures and bouquets that seem to beckon anyone who perceives them, into a classical world where elegance and refinement co-exist. 

Jessica’s pieces are not just simple decorative objects; they are elaborate, three-dimensional works of art that seem to come to life in the light. Each flower, petal, or leaf crafted from individual pieces of stained glass is carefully arranged to conjure the delicate beauty of flowers and nature.


​Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets


A Marvel of Skill and Creativity

The Essex-based artist’s bouquets, in particular, are quite something to look at. With her skill and dexterity, she creatively crafts their delicate, lifelike flowers that appear to sprout from slender stems, their petals shimmering with an inner light. The overall effect is one of ethereal beauty; as if the flowers have been suspended in time, frozen in a moment of, almost, perfect bloom. In these sculptures, she captures flowers of all seasons, from spring to summer flowers.

Such flowers include irises, daffodils, hyacinths, magnolia, Japanese quince, roses, poppy, tulips, hellebores, holly, and bluebells, among many others.


​Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets


A key feature of Jessica’s works is the way she pays minute attention to the details and efforts that she puts into creating them. When crafting the artistic pieces, she carefully selects each piece of colored glass, considering its hue, texture, translucency, and the way it would influence the final product of the artistic work. 

She then painstakingly cuts and shapes the glass, creating patterns that mimic the delicate petals, stems, and leaves of the flowers. The individual pieces are then arranged and assembled, often taking many hours to complete.

The result is creative work that demonstrates both how art can be used to showcase the beauty of nature and also how it is revolutionary. Her sculptures and bouquets, then turn out to be not mere representations of flowers but also seem to be infused with a sense of life and movement.


​Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets


The way light filters through the colored glass creates a sense of depth and luminosity, making them appear to shimmer and dance right before the eyes.

An Advocate for the Use of Sustainable Materials and Practices

Jessica’s works have, thus far, caught the attention of both art enthusiasts and critics, earning her a spot among some of the top contemporary floral designers in the world. Her pieces have been featured in several publications and also exhibited in galleries and exhibitions. She has also received accolades for her unique and innovative approach to stained glass art. 


​Jessica Saunders’ Stained-Glass Sculptural Bouquets
United Kingdom's Jessica Saunders a contemporary artist who creates floral masterpieces using stained glass.


In addition to these, her artistic practice also shows how she is an advocate for the use of sustainable materials and practices in art. She sources her glass from recycled materials whenever possible, and uses other environmentally friendly components and finishes in her works.


All photos courtesy of @studio_saunders.



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