Bees on a snflower
Celebration and Education Go Hand in Hand at World Honey Bee Day Help your buzzing buddies on the 3rd Saturday of August to be the best pollinators on this planet.
Jul 11 | 7 min read
Happy girl featuring Bumblebee bouquet
World's First Bumblebee-Saving Bouquet 'The Beequet' has been developed in collaboration with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help save bees.
Bee pollinating a yellow flower
The Crucial Role of Bees: Sustaining Flowers and the Planet Through the intricate process of pollination, bees play a vital role in the reproduction and continued existence of flowering plants.
Jun 21 | 5 min read
Ava Roth beaded work featured on Thursd
Golden Honeycomb Makes a Statement in Ava Roth’s Intricately Beaded and Embroidered Motifs Explore the intersection between human art using embroidering and beading techniques along with queen bees.
Aug 11 | 3 min read
Top 7 Best Bee-Friendly Plants To Grow In Your Garden Research shows that since March 2020, eight bee species have joined the endangered list. Losing the main pollinator is a big deal.
Sep 14 | 10 min read

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