Judith Plitman
Interview With Judith Plitman From ConAn Multiflor - Phalaenopsis Growers From Ecuador "The special love of the founder for orchids and his private collection still being part of the company gives it a sentimental attachment."
Apr 03 | 7 min read
Jimi Santoli and His Passion for Tulips and Other Flowers
Jimi Santoli’s Love Affair With the Tulip… and Other Flowers He possesses a charismatic and an outgoing character coupled with a love for flowers, especially the tulip.
French Federation of Florist Artisans Is Against Rose Bashing, Supports International Flower Imports
French Federation of Florist Artisans Has Spoken Out Against Rose Bashing Some climate experts argue that rose production is detrimental to the climate and harms the environment. What do players in the flower industry think?
How U.S. Border Patrol Keeps Valentine's Flowers' Pests and Diseases at Bay
Valentine’s Love Blossoms - How U.S. Border Patrol Keeps Flower Pests and Diseases at Bay During Valentine's season, floral trade and shipment gets into high gear. Authorities are required to check the spread of pests and diseases.
Despite Gang Wars, Ecuador’s Flower Industry Remains Upbeat This Valentine’s Season
Ecuador’s Flower Industry Remains Upbeat This Valentine’s Despite Raging Gang Wars The country has been experiening an upsurge in gang-related conflicts.
Fresh-o-Fair Ecuador Trip 2024 feature on Thursd
Orchestrating Floral Harmony - Fresh-o-Fair Presents the Florists Trip 2024 A floral odyssey across ecuador lets participating florists connect, learn, and blossom.
Mystic Flowers greenhouse
The Ecuadorian Grower That Is Setting New Standards in the Floral Industry Mystic's definition of innovation is having an integrated strategy of market research focused on trends paired with ultimate sustainable practices that guarantee an on-trend and top-quality portfolio.
Oct 01 | 3 min read
United Selections is working with other breeders and flower growers to ensure mutual floral success.
How United Selections Is Counting on Collaborations to Drive Flower Production Since its inception in 2012, this breeder has continually been striving to enhance its flower variety offering.
Aug 16 | 6 min read
Pinkish fungi species
Ecuador’s Cloud Forest Is Home to Newly Catalogued Fantastical Fungi These photographs capture the vibrant hues, delicate gills, and thin stems of a vast range of fungi plus the essential role they play in the ecosystem.
Aug 09 | 3 min read
Smiling girl with Ponte Tresa roses
Ponte Tresa Roses - Blooming in Ecuador’s Floral Paradise Ecuador is not only a land known for breathtaking landscapes but for the majestic rose production and export worldwide.
Jul 05 | 3 min read
How Plantec Represents Breeders in Ecuador feature on Thursd
How Plantec Represents Breeders in Ecuador Challenging the rose industry with innovation. An interview with New Product Manager Aviram Krell about a role that stretches far beyond sales.
Jun 07 | 6 min read
Galapagos featured
Galapagos Islands - The Incredible Land of Evolution The islands' isolation from the mainland, combined with their volcanic history and ocean currents, have given rise to a stunning array of species found nowhere else in the world.
May 17 | 6 min read

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