Floral arrangement colors
5 Trending Floral Arrangement Colors This Wedding Season Discover the top 5 floral arrangement colors trending in weddings this season.
Health Benefit of gardening
Floral Therapy – Exploring the Mental Health Benefits of Gardening and Flowers Transform school yards with vibrant flowers - choose the best blooms for a lively space.
Rachel Kennedy and Wang Xue’s Captivating Immersive Floral Design at the 2024 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Award-Winning Floral Designers Set to Highlight Upcoming RHS Chelsea Flower Show Two floral designers whose designs and installations focus on sustainability and use natural materials in a sculptural way.
FloweRescue Saves and Repurposes Flowers for Floral Sustainability
FloweRescue - Saving and Repurposing Flowers to Ensure Floral Sustainability An initiative that focuses on reusing discarded flowers, hence ensuring that these flowers do not go to waste.
The Nascent Art of Flower Arranging in Kenya
The Nascent Art of Flower Arranging in Kenya See how floral artistry is burgeoning in this East African country.
Sep 13 | 7 min read

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