Best Garden Tools
Buying The Best Garden Tools: Make A Difference While Gardening Enhance your gardening experience with quality tools for a thriving garden.
The whimsical charm of cottage gardens.
Cottage Gardens Are Whimsically Pleasant Spaces These gardens where plants and flowers flourish wildly have an enduring appeal that goes beyond time and trends.
These are the positive effects of real fresh flowers
Power of Petals - Are Real Fresh Flowers More Replete With Positive Effects? These effects of blooms on human emotions and well-being have been well-documented for ages.
Oct 04 | 8 min read
Plant playlists
Explore the Power of Plants With Spotify's First Ever Curated Playlist The creator and editor behind the plant playlist shares how he's convinced that plants feel human music and human presence.
Oct 04 | 4 min read
National Wildlife Day highlights the significance of animals in nature.
National Wildlife Day Highlights the Importance of Animals in the Sustainability of Nature National Wildlife Day was established in 2005 and its primary objective was to raise awareness about the need for wildlife conservation. 
Flowers can uplift your spirits leaving you mentally replenished.
Floral Mindfulness: How Flowers Can Uplift Spirits and Keep Off Melancholia One of nature's key allies in the battle against depression is as simple as having flowers in your environment.
Aug 23 | 6 min read
Girl fixing her garden
The Ultimate Garden Glossary - 15 Gardening Terms Beginners Should Know Getting yourself involved in the world of gardening starts with learning the lingo, from perennials to deadheading and more!
Flower Gardening
Flower Gardening as a Stress-Relief Activity for College Students Find peace amidst college chaos! Flower gardening offers college students a calming stress-relief activity to unwind and reconnect with nature.
Jul 20 | 4 min read
Spring bulbs featured webp
Top 9 Easy-to-Care Spring Bulbs You Can Plant in Your Garden This Fall Fall is the perfect time to start digging and put your hands in the soil so you can enjoy a lush garden full of spring colors after a long, dreary winter.
Jul 07 | 10 min read
Japan's Kei Trucks are a Captivating Floral Display on Wheels
Kei Trucks Are A Gardening Revolution on Wheels A fascinating world of gardening that transform urban landscapes into moving gardens.
Jul 05 | 7 min read
Kid enjoying the garden spaces at RHS garden festival
The RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival Is Coming Up! An event you must attend if you'll be in London during the first days of July.
Jun 21 | 4 min read
Terrace Garden
15 Creative Ideas to Transform Your Terrace Garden Revamp your terrace garden: vertical gardening, cozy seating, vibrant planters, and tranquil water features.
Jun 07 | 5 min read

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