​Saikei, the Japanese Art of Nurturing Miniature Landscapes
Indulge Yourself in Saikei, the Japanese Art of Nurturing Living Landscapes In modern contexts, this concept is often seen as a way to capture the beauty and calmness of nature in a small-scale setting.
Giant white flower by metal sculptor Shota Suzuki featured on Thursd
Metal Sculptor Shota Suzuki Crafts Exquisitely Detailed Blooms These metal sculptures bring flowers back to life and most impressively, look absolutely real, as if you could even touch them and feel their petals.
Nov 30 | 3 min read
Animal sculptures made from metallic flowers rabbit featured  on Thursd
Japanese Artist Taiichiro Yoshida Creates Animal Sculptures Made From Metallic Flowers The love between metal and animals is impressively shown through these unique metallic animal sculptures.
Jul 26 | 2 min read

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