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Decorum's Marketing Event shows how Decorum has been the power brand of over fifty growers for 25 years.

By: THURSD. | 24-01-2024 | 6 min read
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Has it been twenty-five years already? The founders of Decorum were scratching their heads wondering where the time had gone. The fact is that this quality label for flowers and plants is stronger than ever. All growers were invited to the first-ever Decorum Marketing Event to look back on this past era and get a clear view of the future of their power brand.

25 Years of Decorum

This Marketing Event was initiated by the Decorum team that holds office in the World Horti Center at a stone's throw from the Royal FloraHolland auction in Naaldwijk. From this headquarters, a team of 15 marketing specialists is dedicated to representing the member growers and their products in a highly competitive and often homogeneous market.

The idea that was developed 25 years ago by pioneers of Decorum, such as begonia grower Peter ten Have (J & P Ten Have), was to stand out from the crowd. During his presentation at the Decorum Marketing Event, Peter and fellow founder Goos Hofland (Hofland Flowering Plants) recall how they started by simply making selections of their plants and putting them in a different tray. This worked: they saw they could not only sell these trays of the very best quality for a better price, but they also found out quickly that demand for this specific top range grew. Apparently, there was a need to be sure of the best quality.

They learned quickly that some of their customers really wanted to have more consistency in receiving only the highest quality of the delivered goods. Some kind of quality mark or certification was the best way to show this. Not just a certificate for good quality as his grower label is, but a mark or certification for the best quality. This was 1999, the beginning of the brand Decorum.

Read more about Decorum's long history in the article: 'A Short History of Decorum'.


Decorum Marketing Event presentation
Reminiscing about 25 years of Decorum 


FFWD to 2024

Fast Forward to 2024. The Marketing Event's host Renate Hoogendoorn-Boeters emphasizes that Decorum still is an internationally recognized label for top-notch cut flowers and plants. Many growers have jumped on board this first-class train. The first years were all about plants, but also more and more cut flower growers acknowledged the strength of the brand. This resulted in an expansion of the product range to over 4,000 products that are offered directly on markets in Germany, Italy, and Eastern European countries and indirectly all over the world.

Why is it important to have a brand like Decorum for the huge playfield that the horticultural sector is? The answer is obvious, as one member grower puts it:

"In your own town, you may have a well-known brand, because everyone can see your nursery and visit you. However, the further away you are from home, the more unknown you are. You are just one of many growers from the Netherlands. Then you do need a big brand like Decorum to tell your story."


Decorum Marketing Event van Dijk Flowers
Rob van Dijk from Van Dijk Flowers


Quality, Sustainability, and Innovation

The three pillars of Decorum are the same for every grower. They are what defines the world's biggest brand for flowers and plants and what makes it stand out from the rest: Quality, Sustainability, and Innovation. Every grower is 100% dedicated to complying with these core values, and every consumer will clearly understand what he gets when buying a Decorum product.


Only the finest plants and flowers are selected for the Decorum brand. Its growers have a great passion for plants and flowers. The Decorum quality label is a promise that all products are of the highest quality, allowing you to enjoy them for a longer period of time. This is how Decorum fulfills its mission – to bring joy to consumers with beautiful flowers and plants. Flowers that celebrate happiness. But also flowers that provide comfort in difficult times. Plants that contribute to a healthy living environment. And plants that transport you to exotic destinations.

Only the very best products from the selected growers carry the Decorum quality label. You can’t just package products under this brand. Decorum has a strict and comprehensive selection process for growers who want to join.

During the cultivation process, close attention is paid to the root system and the proper growth of the plants or flowers.

Additionally, Decorum ensures uniformity within each batch, meaning that all flowers or plants within that batch are of the same height, width, and/or length.


Decorum Marketing Event Peter ten Have
A visibly proud co-founder Peter ten Have at the Decorum Marketing Event.



Sustainability has become a crucial aspect in various sectors, including floriculture. Environmentally conscious production, such as the use of cleaner energy, peat-free potting soil, and organic crop protection, is important. In addition to a sustainable production process, Decorum growers are committed to continuous improvement.

Sustainable production can be achieved through various cultivation methods. Decorum growers use organic fertilizers and pesticides for sustainable cultivation. These natural products reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health.


Product innovation is the third pillar of Decorum. The member growers are constantly seeking new and improved varieties. This is achieved through in-house breeding within the nursery, as well as close collaborations with breeders.

State-of-the-art agricultural and horticultural techniques are implemented in our greenhouses to maximize efficiency with the available resources. This contributes to a focus on sustainable entrepreneurship. Continuous development is in Decorum's DNA, and it’s what the Dutch horticulture sector is globally known for.


Decorum Marketing Event auditorium
Host Renate Hoogendoorn-Boeters explains that every grower has its own content page on Decorum, providing an opportunity to present itself to the world.


Stronger Together

On its 25th anniversary Marketing Event, Decorum looked back on a successful period and forward to a sustainable future with innovative quality products. Marketing plays an important role in this because growing the perfect cut flower or plant is one thing. Helping customers and consumers make a conscious decision in what they buy is a different thing. The world is getting more and more conscious, looking for sustainable quality. Decorum helps its growers with a powerful brand and clear marketing efforts to get that message across.

The event concluded with a quiz in which the growers were thoroughly tested on the knowledge of their own brand, and with the release of dedicated content pages for every single grower. This content page presents the growers with an opportunity to give a personal touch to all the collective marketing that Decorum does.

For more information about Decorum, feel free to read this article 'More Than Fifty Good Reasons to Buy Decorum Flowers and Plants'.


All photos by Sharon Markx, courtesy of Decorum.


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