Interflora Unveils Its Boldest Reinvention in 100 Years

Learn all about the 'Say More' platform that pivots the business to better appeal to a younger audience.

By: THURSD. | 06-03-2024 | 5 min read
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Interflora's latest flower campaign

Interflora’s new campaign aims to reposition the 100-year-old brand and engage a new generation of customers through a concept that aims to express flowers are good for your health and mental well-being. Their newest brand platform, 'Say More' has been revealed to the public as part of their wider plans to pivot the business to better appeal to a younger audience. Here's everything to know about this wonderful campaign, showcasing the power of flowers to the world and why flowers are necessary in our day-to-day lives.

‘Say More’ Platform Aims to Create More Awareness of How Good Flowers Are for Our Health

The 'Say More' platform aims to communicate Interflora's unique place in the flower delivery market and convey how the brand answers consumers’ clear preferences for a gift that can be personalized and a service that is rooted firmly in local businesses on the high street. The reinvention was prompted by extensive market and consumer research that lasted over a year and laid bare the challenges the team faced due to changing customer habits and a crowded marketplace. Research also identified a need for the heritage-rich brand to appeal to a younger female audience.



During the process, Caroline Adams, Interflora’s Head of Marketing, said:

“Interflora is a heritage brand which brings with it both pros and cons. Whilst we enjoy high levels of brand awareness and customers tell us they trust us to make beautiful things happen, our research showed that a younger audience had preconceived ideas about us which essentially made them think we weren’t a brand for them.

On a positive note, when we looked at what this audience wants from the online flower gifting market - to be able to send a personalized gift whilst supporting local - we realized we are actually perfectly placed to serve them.”


Flowers making a woman happy


Flowers as a Part of Humans' Daily Lives

With a community of 1,000 florists in the UK and Ireland, Interflora has a product offering that enables the customer to make special requests such as for the inclusion of a favorite flower or preferred color, making an Interflora bouquet a truly personal way to gift.

Adams adds:

“We have a clear communications challenge: how to better communicate our brand’s role in facilitating deeper moments of emotional connection through flowers that are handcrafted by a local florist and created for that individual recipient and occasion.

'Say More' gives us just that — a platform to stand out and differentiate ourselves in a market that has become very saturated. Our new look and feel is very modern and culturally relevant to encourage younger females to see us in a new light and make more of an emotional connection with our brand.”


Say More with flowers for Mothers Day
'Say More' with flowers for Mother's Day in the UK


As part of the 'Say More' launch campaign, the team behind this marvelous initiative is returning to TV with a 60-second brand film that is currently running across Sky, TV, C4, and spots on the newly established Amazon Prime advertising schedule with a 20-second film supporting driving frequency. The ad tells stories about different people who are navigating life’s ups and downs and dealing with emotions ranging from joy and grief to heartbreak and reconciliation. It shows how, in these moments, a handcrafted bouquet of flowers can say so much more. It shares and expresses vividly how flowers are necessary for all human well-being. Flowers are magic, flowers heal.

A Heartfelt Campaign to Make Flowers Part of Everyone’s Lives

The campaign also sees bold and bright OOH advertising across London plus pockets of regional OOH featuring local florists from Interflora’s community. They worked with Peckham-based creative collective 'Calling' on the development of the Say More platform. Media was planned by Craft Media and bought by Yonder Media. The Say More Ad was created in collaboration with Somesuch and director Jazmin Garcia.


Say more with flowers campaign
'Say More' by gifting flowers


Speaking about the partnership with Calling, Adams also expressed:

“Calling pushed us out of our comfort zone and drove the strategy process to develop our new brand platform, 'Say More'. It is the perfect platform to align all consumer communications and activities and perfectly layers up to help us address our brand challenges and communicate our point of difference. We are delighted to be launching this new platform, campaign, and a fresh look and feel for the Interflora brand. It marks a new chapter for our Interflora and one we are really excited about.”

More About Interflora

In 1923 Interflora started with a simple idea: let’s connect florists across the country, so people everywhere can communicate with beautiful blooms. As a team, they wanted to help people do justice to their joy and sadness, their celebrations and news. 100 years later, in a busier world, they think that helping people share their feelings properly matters more than ever. It’s why their network of 1,000 florists in the UK and Ireland still handcraft every bouquet, using incredible skill and compassion.


Flower bouquet by Interflora


Each Interflora bouquet is made to tell a story, express real emotions, be enough when words aren’t, and last but not least, say more through the power flowers have. If you're curious to know more and watch the new ad, make sure to visit Interflora's website.


Photos and video courtesy of Interflora UK.



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