Floral Serenity Soirée: Women's Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat
Floral Serenity Soirée - A Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat for Women An event that sought to bring the ladies together to unwind and revitalize amid nature and flowers.
​Kenyan Flower Festival​ Sip and Arrange Flower arrangement master classes.
Kenya Flower Festival Connects the African Continent Through Flowers This event presents a platform for improving floriculture and the art of floral design in Kenya and beyond.
Thursd Video Crew Showcases Kenya's Rich Flower Heritage Thursd’s pair of videographers Alina and Cristi Neacsa, took it upon themselves to ensure that they bring you all you need to know about Kenya’s flower industry.
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Aug 16 | 9 min read

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