Indoor Hanging Plants to Create a Home Jungle
11 Indoor Hanging Plants to Create a Home Jungle in 2024 Plants were made to embellish your homes and surroundings. Get a home full of green with these stunning options!
Indoor Plants
Jun 19 | 9 min read
These are some rare houseplants that you would love
15 Rare Houseplants That You’ll Definitely Love With these, you can definitely show something else other than the usual snake plant in the background during your next Zoom call.
Pothos marble featured on Thursd
These Were the 10 Most Popular Plant Stories in 2022 Learn which green plants conquered the year and get a complete compilation of this year's most popular green stories.
Indoor Plants
Mar 01 | 5 min read
These Popular Houseplants Are Hot on Instagram Right Now Plants give us something to nurture while nurturing us back in return. Discover some of the most popular plants on Instagram these days.
Indoor Plants
Oct 13 | 5 min read
Houseplants With the Most Unique Leaves feature on Thursd
Houseplants With the Most Unique Leaves One of these weird, cool varieties could be your next plant baby.
Indoor Plants
Mar 10 | 4 min read

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