All Saints Day
The Importance of All Saints' Day and How It's Commemorated Worldwide Learn about the symbolism of the 1st of November and pick the right flowers for this special day.
Oct 25 | 11 min read
Indoor plants in home
Get Your Indoor Plants Ready to Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week! Celebrated from September 17-23, this is definitely the favorite week for thousands of plant geeks around the world.
Girl swinging in a bamboo room
World Bamboo Day Aims to Raise Awareness of Bamboo Globally Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing land plant in the world? Here's how you can contribute to its celebration this September 18th!
Sep 13 | 5 min read
Relaxing on a hammock
National Relaxation Day - A Day to Embrace Serenity and Self-Care Embracing relaxation techniques can have a profound impact on our physical and mental well-being, leading to a more balanced and fulfilled life.
Aug 09 | 8 min read
Nature Photography Day
Capture Earth's Wonders - Celebrate Nature Photography Day! Unleash your inner Ansel Adams: grab your camera, venture into the great outdoors, and create your masterpiece!
Jun 14 | 7 min read
Flowers for Father's Day
What Are the Best Flowers to Gift This Father’s Day? Blooming love and gratitude, celebrating fathers with nature's colorful gifts. Get Father's Day ready with these amazing options!
Jun 07 | 7 min read
national weed your garden day
It’s Almost National Weed Your Garden Day! Your Plants Will Thank You Weeding your plants may not be the most glamorous part of gardening, but it is an essential task that can actually be quite beautiful.
Jun 07 | 7 min read
Pride Month Flowers
Blooming With Pride: Celebrating Pride Month With the Perfect Flowers Embrace the joy and exuberance of Pride Month with a colorful floral touch to match the spirit of the occasion!
May 31 | 6 min read
History of the mimosa cocktail explained
National Mimosa Day - Your Sign to Get Yourself Brunchin’ With Mimosas A special occasion celebrated every year on May 16th in the United States.
May 10 | 7 min read
National Iris Day Featured
Celebrating the Beauty of Irises on National Iris Day Each year on 8th of May people all over the world explore the diversity of this unique flower.
May 03 | 5 min read
Labor Day featured
Labor Day: All the Essential Details About This Worldwide Holiday What flowers are gifted on Labor Day, and why this day is celebrated.
May 01 | 7 min read
Lei Day Leis featured image
Lei Day Is Here - Perfect Flowers for the Spirit of Aloha During Lei Day, people come together in music and dance to celebrate the beauty and significance of these floral garlands which are a symbol of love, friendship, and appreciation.
Apr 29 | 10 min read

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