Agapanthus - The Flower of Love Each stalk is a self-contained retrospective of drama – showy, solid, and elegant
Jul 21 | 2 min read | News
Versatile Phlox With Its Romantic Charm This summer flower is back in business!
Jul 21 | 2 min read | News
With Outdoor Flower Bouquets Your Summer Is Even More Fantastic Get a very good vase life from placed outdoors placed bouquets
Jul 21 | 2 min read | News
These Are Decorum's Most Bright and Colorful Flowers The four favorites to keep that summer feeling going
Jun 30 | 5 min read | News
Celebrate Summer With 365 Days of Flowers A season worth celebrating!
Jun 17 | 1 min read | Events
Helichrysum or Xerochrysum Bracteatum, My Aunt Called It Everlasting Gold Why I admire this golden everlasting flower with its crispy feel
Aug 27 | 2 min read | News
Bougainvillea, Such a Drama Queen of a Flower A surprising new dried flower
Aug 26 | 1 min read | News
9 Classic Summer Flowers Your ingredients for a bouquet full of sunshine
Jul 29 | 4 min read | News
5 Beautiful Summer Flower Designs on Instagram From botanically inspired to garden gathered
Jul 29 | 2 min read | News
Women Showing Skin, Flowers in the Bin? Summertime and the effect of warm weather on the flower trade
Jul 29 | 3 min read | News
Instaproof Summer Flowers with Holly Heider Chapple Check out these summer flower installations at Hope Flower Farm!
Jul 29 | 1 min read | News

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