5 Beautiful Summer Flower Designs on Instagram

From botanically inspired to garden gathered

By: THURSD. | 29-07-2020 | 2 min read
Summer flower designs are known for their loose feel, natural shapes accompanied by grown or foraged blooms. In these summery arrangements, you see flowers such as the delphinium, a sweet pea, dahlias, cosmos beauties or farm-grown yarrow.

Summer Flower Arrangements

During these warm and sunny months, the Instagram feeds of floral designers explode with lush colorful designs enriched with summer flowers. What are the summer flower designs to watch? Which floral artists can inspire us with botanically inspired, garden gathered arrangements? A list of five - there are undoubtedly many more - beautiful summer flower designs found on Instagram.

Botanically Inspired

The Best Summer Flower Designs on Instagram - Max Gill - on Thursd
Max Gill Design
"I want my arrangements to look like they could have grown right out of the vase" Max Gill tells Martha Stewart.
Here, he clipped 'Ebb Tide' roses and three types of clematis vine: Clematis 'Niobe', C. 'Madame Julia Correvon', and C. viticella 'Walenburg'. To keep the stems in place, he wound the vines up strong, thornless blackberry canes, and tucked branches of the shrub Abelia into the outer edges.

A Dahlias Design

Styling an arrangement for La Musa de las Flores means taking it to the next level of beauty; adding elements for better movement and texture. It’s about creating a composition.
"Believe me... life is better if you can grow flowers; garden, patio, balcony it doesn’t matter, but your hardest moments in life will be easier. Dahlias blooming by La Musa de Las Flores."

Lavender and Lilac Floral Inspiration

A lavender and lilac whimsical stairwell installation by Rosemary and Finch Floral Design.
“My favorite part of the day was when all the members took the installation apart and got to take home their own little bouquets to enjoy!”

Garden Style Florals

The exquisitely undone, seasonally inspired, foam-free, garden-style florals by Brigitte Girling are giving you a little glimpse of sunshine when visiting her Instagram feed.

Wild and Wilted

Wild and Wilted memories in a botanical design of the well-known floral artist on Instagram. Kreetta is in a process of never-ending learning and growing.
"There are days when these things are stepping out of the shadows. Self-reflection. Smiling, joy, and happiness of the life lived and life to come. Small things matter and today it is sowing."



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