Grounding benefits
Why Grounding in Nature Is Crucial for Your Mental and Physical Health Delve into the wonders of grounding and how flowers and plants play a crucial role in enhancing this experience.
How It Works
Jun 19 | 6 min read
Floral Bootcamp Floriexpo
Floriexpo Floral Bootcamp Recap Refresh, connect, and strengthen! A full day of quick-hit micro sessions that kept you engaged. High hopes for coming expo days.
Floral Events
Jun 06 | 5 min read
New assets by That Flower Feeling
That Flower Feeling Announces Release of New Floral Marketing Assets for Industry Partners These pre-designed assets allow industry partners to save time and resources compared to creating their own materials from scratch.
How It Works
May 08 | 2 min read
National Self Care day
Celebrate National Self-Care Day With Flowers, of Course! Make 2024 the year of self-care and flowers, as they're essential to uplift your mood and make you happier.
Flowers How It Works
Mar 27 | 3 min read
Climate People
What Do We Say to Climate People? We should not only have the right answer, but we should proactively influence the perception people have of flowers, and plants, and change it for the better.
Oct 13 | 11 min read
CalFlowers wins MOTY Award
CalFlowers' Blooming Achievement: "That Flower Feeling" Earns MOTY Award Each year the Society of American Florists honors the best in floral marketing with the coveted MOTY (Marketer of the Year) award.
Oct 04 | 4 min read
Does Looking At Flowers and Plants Really Make You Happier?
Does Looking At Flowers and Plants Really Make You Happier? Beyond their aesthetic appeal, research shows that engaging with flowers and plants can significantly impact our emotional well-being.
Floral Education Flowers
Oct 01 | 8 min read
Floriculture and  Sustainability
Floriculture & Sustainability: A Tale of Two Realities It's time to amplify the evidence-backed benefits of fresh flowers and plants, which do more than just enhance spaces - they nurture the soul.
Sep 27 | 7 min read
Flower Magic
The Magic of Flowers and Plants 'Thursd Is Good for You' is more than a concept - it's a call to action, a reminder of our inherent connection to nature, and the potential for healing and spiritual growth that it offers.
Aug 02 | 4 min read
Benefits of flowers
The Benefits of Fresh Flowers Having a bouquet or single fresh flowers in your home or office space is the best self-care you can get.
Flowers Sustainability
Jul 19 | 4 min read
That Flower Feeling Self Care
The Importance of That Flower Feeling This initiative holds an immense potential for positive change.
Jun 28 | 3 min read
carbon tunnel vision
It Is NOT Solely About Carbon Emissions Embracing a sustainable transition for a better future means we have to broaden our perspectives and move away from the carbon tunnel vision.
Jun 21 | 5 min read

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