Tellie Hunt
Florist Special With Tellie Hunt Her flower life started way back when she was 14 years old. Where is she now? Find out here!
Oct 25 | 5 min read
Gio Swaby's textile portraits encapsulate her fascination with the resilience of nature and the human spirit.
Gio Swaby Explores Resilience in Adversity Through Her ‘I Will Blossom Anyway’ Artworks Swaby's art is a reminder that, like flowers breaking through concrete, we too can find the strength to bloom and flourish, regardless of the challenges we face.
Jun 08 | 8 min read
Fleur de Villes Barbara Briggs featured on Thursd
Tune In for the Fleurs de Villes “Femme” Flower Series Recap Femme figures take over a notoriously splendid floral design show in Sydney, Australia.
Sep 02 | 3 min read

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