Floral Bootcamp Floriexpo
Floriexpo Floral Bootcamp Recap Refresh, connect, and strengthen! A full day of quick-hit micro sessions that kept you engaged. High hopes for coming expo days.
Jun 06 | 5 min read
Floriexpo 2024
Floriexpo - North America's Premier Floral B2B Event Do you want to be part of this boosting exhibition? Check out and register!
May 22 | 6 min read
Dutch Flower House has successfully penetrated the U.S. market with its innovative and sustainable dried flower concepts.
Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts A dried flower wholesaler that serves a diverse clientele, including global hotels and retailers across Europe and America.
The Role of Flowers in Honoring Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day
Memorial Day and the Role of Flowers in Honoring the Fallen Heroes A day dedicated to the honor and remembrance of all those who sacrificed to defend the nation.
May 15 | 9 min read
SAF Annual Convention
Registration's Open for the 2024 SAF Annual Convention! Prep up for USA's florist event of the year in marvelous Miami.
May 08 | 4 min read
Florabundance: North America's Premier Provider of Wholesale Floral Solutions
Florabundance - A Premier North American Wholesale Flowers Supplier A flower wholesaler taking the U.S flower wholesale scene by storm and transforming its operatives with unique approaches.
Apr 24 | 8 min read
How U.S. Border Patrol Keeps Valentine's Flowers' Pests and Diseases at Bay
Valentine’s Love Blossoms - How U.S. Border Patrol Keeps Flower Pests and Diseases at Bay During Valentine's season, floral trade and shipment gets into high gear. Authorities are required to check the spread of pests and diseases.
National Grandparents Day acknowledges the important role of grandparents.
National Grandparents' Day Honors the Elderly Custodians of Family Ties This day is an earnest call for all to remember the rich heritage and wisdom passed down through generations by grandparents. 
Floral Interview With Kristen Caissie from Moon Canyon To embark on a fresh adventure, create a mood, craft a tale, celebrate beauty, and embrace the senses: "I'm totally at the whim of nature."
Sep 21 | 3 min read
Fleurotica a shop to visit Robin Rose speaks flowers - A studio visit
Oct 05 | 3 min read

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